AA3 Inoperable and desperate for Treatment

My husband has Anaplastic Asystoma III inoperable. There is about 5 clusters of tumors all over the brain that are on all vital spots. We have done your basic targeted radiation and chemo Temadur. The tumors started to progress about 4 months into treatment with severe swelling from radiation. We switched hospitals and went to Sloan Kettering. We were then introduced to Avastin and Temadur that seemed to work miracles he was looking back to himself within a two weeks of his first treatment. At around 8 months later he started to decline, we tried switching his chemo to carboplatin and saw he was still declining. We have switched to The Cancer Center of America-Philly and they started him on a clinical trail called NovoCure. He has been on this for a month just had a MRI scan telling us 2 new tumors have arrived making his tumor count to 7 total. They have advised us that he is at the end of the road and is no longer strong enough to try any other trial/clincial treatments b/c he is not physically strong enough.

We really wanted to try NeuroBlate out of Cleveland Clinic but they are not sure he can handle the procedure. We don't know what to do and are not ready to throw in the towel.

We are at a loss on what the next step is.

Any help or advice PLEASE


  • Romina
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    Hi. I have just read your post. Have yo started any treatment? I know a lot know about tumors.I lost my brother today from a glioblastoma. it started with a aa3 in 2002.so he lived well for a long time. I want to help anyone going through this. Contact me

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    I have read your post. I know you are desperate for treatment. I would gladly recommend to try C24/7 food supplement. Its basically a food nutrition in a capsule form. Just try nothing to loose. You can do research about C24/7 for more informations. Let me know for more questions.