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PET results

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What a day..3 doctors in one day, 3 BPs, 3 weigh ins, 3 temps...:)  PET shows a met in the back of my abdomen and one in the front, one above my collar bone and one below the other collar bone.  Onc talked about quality of life, remission, etc.  Still waiting to hear from MD Anderson.  After my initial meltdown, I actually feel much better.  i will do chemo combo of FU, Foliri and Avastin every two weeks.  Still has everyone confused why it went where it did.  Good news not in my liver, lungs, blood or bone.  Was told by surgeon that I would not have survived if I had not had the gall bladder out, it was nasty he said plus a node was cancerous..blessings even when we don't know it.

I'm worn out..thanks for listening.

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but not finding activity in your liver, lungs, blood or bone really is good news as the PET is sensitive.  Once you get a few days out from the good news-bad news scenario I bet you will feel even better ... you can start your plan in action to tackle those other mets.  Remember, that even though you have cancer ... where it is located and how much it effects your organ function etc. makes a great deal of difference in how you feel and your quality of life.   Not having it in your liver, lungs etc. really does seem like very good news.

I don't know if you have had Avastin before ... it can be very effective added to the Irinotecan. I am sure if you post asking for side effects specific to Irinotecan, many will respond.  Also, put it in the keyword search and other posts will come up here on the forum.  My husband feared diarrhea because he was cautioned about this and we were prepared with medications, but instead he experienced constipation.  This one treatment did cause his hair to thin, so you may have to deal with that a bit.

Hopefully, you have gone to bed and won't even read this tonight as it has been a very long day for you.

Wishing you the best. Please continue to post your updates.

Peace. ~ Cynthia


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I wonder if those calcified nodes in your lungs were mets that were fried by the chemo you had and that is why you have the lymph nodes showing activity in the area of the collar bone. Usually those nodes are positive if there is lung involvement or breast cancer, TB, etc.  

For the mets in the abodmen, why not HIPEC?  I thought/ think that's what that's used for.  I'd find a more aggressive doctor and go for a cure. 

Sorry for your bad news.  




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I'm so sorry to hear this.  News like this is always so hard to receive.  I wonder if these spots "seeded" from another tumor in the area (I'm sorry, I can't remember where exactly you had these)? I had seeding all over the place, moving both up into the small intestine, onto the peritoneum, and down lower in the colon and onto the uterus. So I do think these little spots can show up in weird areas.

And I think it's actually much better than having more in the major organs, as devotion10 said.

But i wonder what the doc thinks about this...systemic or seeding? Because if it's systemic then chemo seems sensible, but if it's seeding, I would think surgery would be a good approach.

Have they mentioned this as a possibility?

Sending strength and hope your way~AA

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It seems s though our pths are similar in that we have both recurred in odd, rare places.


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