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Official Five Year ALL Survivor

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Hi to all!

Five years ago today, I was diagnosed with T-cell Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia, and my outlook was negative. I was told I would not likely survive. However, with much support and prayers plus a generous bone marrow donor, I survived! Not only that, but I am healthy again and living a normal life. If you or someone you know has leukemia, chances are you have a good outlook! My doctor tells me that she believes within three years, they will have a much higher cure rate for leukemia, and perhaps other blood cancers. However, don't put your complete faith in the doctors, put it in God like I have! He is the great Healer! For any cancer patient reading this, you're in my prayers, and I hope you have the same outcome I have had.

Jason Clark


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Congratulations Jason,

I'm a 15 month survivor AML survivor, thanks to God, medical staff and supporters helping me through it all. My wife was told 3 times I wasn't going to make it. I take every day as a blessing.

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That's what it takes, having faith and giving it to God. I am thankful for just being able to wake up to another day!

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Hi, I'm five years too. Thanks be to God!!! He got me through. So happy you're sharing your story :)

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Hi Megan,


Congratulations !!! yourme  story is giving high hopes; my daughter was just diagnosed with Large Granular Leukemia yesterday !!! we are not as stunned as we shouod be as this came after she was misdiagnosed with Hepatosplenic T-Cell gamma delta Lymphoma a month ago, which was a much worse prognosis than the LGL Leukemia.

Do you mind sharing the medications/treatments you were given.....

Again a heartfelt congratulations and all the best to you.


Thank you


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Congratulation! I'm soon to be one year cancer free as well! :D



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God is in control!!!

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I was diagnosed with leukemia in Oct 1996, 17 years ago. I could never express how thankful I am for all my blessing. I have had a lot of hard times over the years but I still continued to praise God. No matter what happens God deserves the highest praise. Hallelujah.


Doctors said most patients live 5 to 7 yeasr taking medication.


Congratulations Keep the faith!!!

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Hi there. Firstly congratulations on your success. It is great to read a positive 'real' outcome. Sorry to jump on your post but if there is anyone out there who survived an ealy BMT relapse after AML please shout up. My Dad needs stories of successes please.

Sarah C
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When I was 4 I was diognised with ALL, had Chemo and Radiation but relapsed when I was 7 and a half.  The Dr.s didn't know what else to suggest all but one treatment which was being tested in London.

I had 3 sisters and 1 brother who weren't a match for a BMT so they harvested my Bonemarrow and steralized it.  I needed more chemo, and Total Body Radiation (TBR). I was in total  isolation for 8 weeks in which time they transplanted my own bonemarrow back into me.

That was 29 years ago and although I still have to live with after-effects of the Radiation, I am fit and healthy.

I have just found this web page and reading about all those other people who have survived as well as myself I don't feel as alone as I did this morning. x

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My Husband is 40 and has ALL and just relapsed 90 days following transplant. I’m so scared. How did everything work out?

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Thank you for posting your story and congratulation on your success. Your story is giving me hope , my 70 yr old previously healthy husband was diagnosed with ALL  two weeks ago he has just finished induction treatment and so far he is doing well after  6 days, I assume the side effects will start hitting him next week and I dread seeing him suffer ,I just hope he can tolerate the treatment without too many serious side effect. He was playing hockey this winter always been very active  and about a month ago he had flu like symptoms with fatigue and shortness of breath, my husband was never sick. We are keeping very positive and because of his good physical health the doctor suggested that he tried the treatment as he had a good chance of going into remission. we are putting our faith in God and we are trusting our doctors and take one day at a time. I want to wish continued recovery and all the best to you.

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