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Ambilitory duct cancer

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Hello, my father in-law was diagnosed June 2013 with a tumor where the ambilitory duct meets the pancreas. The doc gave him 3 to 6 months and he's still with but now he seems likes he's declining fast. My husband and I have taken care of him for 7 years and its going to be so hard without him. My husband has been the main caregiver and he gets the best care 24/7. But he's in denial about him fading. We are meeting with hospice tomorrow but my husband doesn't think we need them yet. I'm praying that they are able to telll him how much they can do. I lost my father 9 years ago and I'm familiar with hospice. But my question is my father in-law just started to show signs of his liver shutting down. He's  real yellow and his urine is very dark. My question is how much more time are we looking at. I don't think they will do anything for that.

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