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PET results tomorrow/chemo combo

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Tomorrow at 215 p more or less, I'll get the results of my PET scan.  Too say I'm a little nervous would be a huge understatement.  I should find out when I'll be going to MD Anderson as well.  Looks like the chemo combo at this point is going to be FU, Folifri and avastan.  Had FU last time.  Anything I need to prepare for on side effects of the Folifri and avastan? 

Thank you all.


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come back to update us when you have your PET results. Many I am sure will provide their experience with the side effects you may have.  Best of luck.

Peace. ~ Cynthia

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I don't have any great tips about the new chemos...I did do Avastin, but it was in combination with FOLFOX.  Got horribly sick, but hard to say what part of that (if any) was Avastin.  I have known some people who were on Avastin alone who had basically no side effects.  I hope this combo is both effective and relatively painless for you.

Keep us posted! AA

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