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Lung scan

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Saw the prostate oncologist today at Penn State Hershey Cancer Institute. Things have not changed much, I have something called persistent prostatitis and am on anti biotics for it but he explained that it is probably always inflamed and will need to ease the inflamation with another prostate drug. So itlooks like I will come off of the flomax and go on Avodart. The cancer in the prostate has not changed. On Tuesday the big day, lung scan at 8am and meet with the pulmonary oncologist at 9am. So an anxious weekend coming up but will try to "stay calm and carry on". Denis

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Wish you the best with prostate and scans.  You are staying on top of things, so I see that in your favor.

Best always,


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Dennis, best of luck with the lung scan.


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D Lewis
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Scanxiety bites us all.  Keep calm and carry on.


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So was the inflammation being caused from the other prostrate med ?  I know this can be painful as others I've known have had issues with the prostrate.  Hopefully the antibiotics and new med will take care of this.  I'll be sending good thoughts and prayers for a good outcome on your up coming lung scan !  I don't have one until April.  (PET/CT again)  Seeing my pulmonologist today though...he's such a cheerful guy...NOT.  Hugs sent !  Katie

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Nothing I hate more than waiting but that is the nature of the beast that we live with. I do hope and pray for you that the scan of the Lungs comes back clean. Sometimes I look at my life and sign Seasons in the Sun, I don’t know why, it is just a song that reminds me about life and saying good-by.


Take care my friend; I still have your disk

God Bless


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denis, praying that the new drug will help w/the inflamation.  it's good that the prostate cancer hasn't changed, very happy that it hasn't grown.  praying that your lung scan comes back clean.  sorry you will have such a rough/worrisome weekend.  they usually fly by but since you are waiting for something, you know it will be a slow go...   :0(   i just had a ct of my neck and lungs today.  have to wait until next week for results so my wkend will also be long.  be sure to let us know how the scan goes and how the new drug helps.  praying for you, Denis.


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Denis, hoping you have a good weekend and good luck next week when you meet with the doctor.   

All the best,


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So just a night away from the dreaded scan. Will have to be up at 5am for the ride to the cancer institute and scan at 8am. Good that I will know the results at 9am, will go to bed early and try to sleep, no guarantee of that. Denis


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Prayers coming your way

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Sending you a ton of good mojo, positive thoughts.....and of course prayers.  Will tuck you into my pocket for good measure.


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jim and i
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Praying all goes well with the scan.



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