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info on neuroendocrine cancer please help!

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I have a friend with this cancer she is afraid to ask questions ! Has anyone been cured of this type and what was the treatment?

mr steve
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If the cancer is detected early there is a chance to remove it all with surgery. if not some people have lived for years with this type. Everyone and every type is different. The best thing to do is make sure your friend see's someone who treats this type of cancer. New meds are coming on the market every day. My wife lived for four years and I meet people at OSU who were in treatment for 10 plus years.

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This website can help you locate a specialist in your area and is a good resource for information about the different types of neuroendocrine cancers and various treatments.  Some are slow growing and some are aggressive.  The most important thing is to have a neuroendocrine specialist on her "team" to help determine what therapies and procedures can be used.  I'm in the Southern California area and see Dr. Edward Woiln at Cedars Sinai in West Los Angeles.  He runs a department that specializes in this rare type of cancer. Please assure her that her questions will shed more light on her disease and she may find herself reassured that it can be fought and won.  Like mrsteve said, some people live many years with it.  As my specialist put it, there is the potential to live with the disease instead of dying from it.  

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