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Remember us?....=)

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Gosh, I'm so sorry I haven't posted on here in a very long time. I've had issues with my rotator cuffs (in both shoulders) so it has been kinda hard to get online for very long at one time, but I'm determined to do an update on Jason's condition, especially since it's all pretty awesome news! I won't go into the long story, but basically after we had been told since his diagnosis on 1/29/13, & after the surgery in February turned out to be just "exploratory" instead of the colon resection that was originally planned due to the fact that the primary colon tumor turned out to be enormous (the size of a football), plus all the other places the cancer had spread, including several other places in his abdomen, & of course the liver tumors. The largest liver tumor is in a location very close to the inferior vena cava (the main blood supply to the liver?), so we were told that surgery would never be an option.....well, never say never! After deciding to change oncologists, & after seeing a number of other doctors, it has been decided that he IS a candidate for the SIRT (Y-90) treatment for the largest tumor in his liver, he has also been put on Erbitux, which has caused the awful "Erbitux Rash"......but weighing the options....rash vs. cancer....I think you know what he chose! Bring on the rash! So, as of now we are waiting to hear when the SIRT treatment will be performed, then according to how much the Erbitux & the radiation shrinks the tumor in his liver, (if all goes well) he IS going to be getting the surgery after all! The primary colon tumor is pretty much gone, so as I said if all goes well & as planned, he will be getting the colon resection & the liver resection done at the same time. I want to mention one thing, & of course everyone can use their on judgement on this, but I don't think I can "not" share this.....when Jason was first diagnosed w/ Stage 4 colon cancer, which had spread to other places in his abdomen & to his liver, I started doing research online, as I'm sure all of you have. Someone recommended I get the "PH Miracle" book, which I did, & from reading that I learned that cancerous cells can NOT survive in an Alkaline invironment, & since Jason would not eat the foods that was recommended in the book I found water (at Walgreens) called "HYDRATE". It's a high PH water (PH of 9+), & from the first gallon I bought for him that is all the water he has had (except when he has been in the hospital). Now, obviously I don't know if the water has had anything whatsoever to do with how well he has done, but the doctors seem to be truly amazed at the response he has had to the chemo alone. One even said he is "off the map" & has done better than any patient he has ever seen. As a matter of fact, that same doctor got in touch with the surgeon who did Jason's first surgery & that surgeon asked the doctor if he was sure they were talking about the same man! NOW, as I said, everyone use your own judgement on this, I just wanted to share the experience "we" have had....can I say for sure that the water had anything whatsover to do with his progress, absolutely not, BUT will I continue buying the water for him, absolutely YES! I hope I haven't broken any rules by posting this, I apologize if I have, but if this can help even one person I'm willing to risk getting in trouble! Please feel free to message me with any questions.....God Bless all of you! Take care & please keep Jason in your prayers! XXOO Kris

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so well to his treatment and it is good to hear his very positive outcome.  Having chemotherapy reduced a football size colorectal tumor to almost nothing is rather extraordinary. Your advocacy and persistence to find doctors that will explore all options, including surgery, may make all the difference in his survival.  

I appreciate that you presented the information about your husband drinking water with high pH content as potentially unrelated to your husband's positive response to therapy ... in my opinion, it is likely unrelated ... but is certainly not going to hurt him to stay well-hydrated.  

I don't know that you have broken any rules by sharing your opinion, your experience, or even naming specific products ... but, for the sake of those who may be newly diagnosed and vulnerable to seeking any and all therapeutic options ...

I suggest two online articles that can be read online (there are many more as well if one searches) that debunk the myths perpetuated in the 'PH Miracle' book you referenced. I also provide the statement from the American Cancer Society.

I remember when you first joined the site and you struck me as someone who was going to be a wonderful caregiver.  I hope that your husband continues his positive progress and has the best possible outcome.   

Peace. ~ Cynthia


1) Article by Dr. Gabe Merkin:  Acid/Alkaline Theory of Disease Is Nonsense 

2) Article by Chris Kresser:  Acid-Alkaline Myth 

3) Statement of the American Cancer Society:  "Altering the cell environment of the human body to create a less-acidic, less-cancer-friendly environment is virtually impossible. What you eat can have a profound affect on your cancer risk, but the acidity or alkalinity of foods is not important." 

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Thank you Cynthia for the article links....As I said, I don't know if the high ph water has anything to do with how well Jason has done (after reading the articles, I'm leaning more to no it doesn't.....) but what matters is that he has done so well, & like you said, it's good for him if for no other reason but to keep him well hydrated. Smile

Cathleen Mary
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Kris, I well remember you and Jason. I am so happy for you both that Jason is doing so well!  I am sure that is due in no small part to your loving care and companionship. I hope that you have many, many years of enjoying good health together.  yours is truly a hopefilled story.

blessings galore,


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I see your pictures & posts on Facebook. Jason is young still & looks like he has been a strong man this has to help him a lot. 

My husband is older but he also tolerates chemo well, his weight is normal, and he has a good appetite.  All these things help.  I do have to nag him all the time to drink lots of water, the nurse said this helps flush the poison from chemo out of your body. George was first diagnosed in 2008, we had only been married 2 years. It has been great to still have him in my life.

Cancer is a hard fight, so happy Jason is doing so well.

 Take care, George & Diane



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Nice to see you here again.  I'm really glad to hear that things are going well for Jason.  Good news is always appreciated in these parts, so keep us udpated as you go along if you can!  I think people will be curious to hear more about the Y-90 treatment, as I don't think too many here have explored that option.

Hugs to you both~AA

PS I don't think there is any problem mentioning the water that Jason is drinking.   Now, if you were getting a commission...Wink

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So glad to hear the good news about your husband. Tell him to keep drinking the water. It certainly won't hurt.

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There does not seem to be any one single ingredient in this battle.  It is different for all and the experience of one or many is not necessarily the path for you and you beloved.  

There have been many posts by those who have decided to take a slightly different direction in the battle against this dread disease.  

I like to read and a book that Iam reading now makes the statement that just becasue your educated does not mean you are smart.  To me all this means is that just because one has letters after their name does not necessarily mean they know more about how you are feeling then you do.

My vote is to keep buying the water and whatever is being done that seems to help...keep doing it.

Peace and comfort to the two of you as you fight this battle one skirmish at a time.


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Nana b
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I'll try the water, my naturopath had a machine that oxygenizes the water and I drink it when i go in to see her.  Thanks for sharing.


Thanks and awesome news! 


BTW, I have two torn rotary cuffs, the cortisone shots help me stay pain free about 5 months at a time.

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