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IV nutritional therapy

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Has anyone tried iv nutritional therapy for pre and post chemotherapy? Oh have read that it really helps with quality of life during chemo. I am on oxaliplatin and irinotecan for stage 3 colon cancer. Any advise would b helpful. 

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Your profile is empty so I could not reference what stage cancer you have or when you were diagnosed ... 

Are you asking about IV nutritional therapy because you have colon blockage? Because you are losing weight? Because nausea is effecting your ability to eat?

Maybe a bit more information and then folks could respond.

Peace. ~ Cynthia

Posts: 11
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im 45y/o. I was diagnosed with stage IIIc colon cancer. I was diagnosed in Oct 2013. the reason im asking about IV nutritional therapy is because chemo is making very nauseous and im losing weight. I heard that this therapy can help manage some of the side affects.

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I have a friend who was put on Megace to help with appetite and weight loss while on Folfox.  He was able to eat and stopped losing weight while on it.

nausea meds are you on?  Sometimes, changing those out can help you find something that works better.  You may need to take more than one medication.  If your nausea is better controlled, you can start trying to eat small amounts several times a day. 

I had a lot of issues with appetite throughout my treatment but was only on IV nutritional therapy (TPN) before and after my surgery for a blockage.  Your nutritional status has to be monitored closely while on TPN so your blood sugar doesn't go too high or other imbalances occur.


Hope you can get something resolved.

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