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peg tube stitches

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Those of you who have peg tubes..did you get stitches at first? they stitched my husbands actual tube to his stomach and it is hanging downward and driving him crazy..it keeps getting caught in his pants..they told us it would be two weeks before they take them out..is that the right thing? the dr said one thing and the nurse told us something else...thank you!

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but I can imagine how uncomfortable it must be for it to just hang.  Maybe an Ace bandage to hold it up, might help?  Kind of loop the tube so it's on his stomach, and then wrap the bandage around to hold the thing in place. 

Ok...just did a little search to see if there was something for men that is comparable to what I used when I had the tube (I used cotton/lycra camisoles to keep my tube tight against my body)....and they DO have something for men!  Here is a link to T-shirts for men that would hold his tube up and out of the way....the camisoles were super comfortable, and my tube stayed where I put it.  The less expensive ones are down the page a ways.



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well they way they stitched it..we can move it out of the way..it is stiched to his stomach..tightly..and i did get him something for after its healed a bit to hold it in place but cant use it now bacuse of the stitches...

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i didn't have stitches but my PEG tube hanging down really bothered me as well.   My wife bought me some bandeau (also called "boob"tube") and they were less than $3 and were perfect.   I wore it around my midsection and it was elastic so loose enough it kept the tube close to my body but not so tight it was uncomfortable.   I had 5 or 6 of them and could wear them under almost any shirt and at night.     They really worked well and we got them at Wal-Mart.  


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