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Paendoscopy and dilation

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My throat dilation didn't work but they will try again. The good news is it's not throat cancer I did have it on my mind as a friend of mine had cancer that blocked her throat.  The surgeon said it is blocked with scar tissue. better luck next time and back to the ensures and PEG tube.

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How long have you been out of treatment?  Pretty recent, wasn't it?  Will you be getting a PET scan anytime soon?  I heard the radiation scar tissue story too long only to find out it was a tumor. A big one.  Anyway, a PET scan would rule out cancer, so I hope you do hae one.

Sorry the dilation didn't work.  Was it an ENT or GI who did it?  The first time I had one, they had to use a pediatric scope.


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They used a rigid probe and think I'd be better with a bendy one to go round the bend of my throat. they did a panendoscy with a scope first and looked at my voice box, top of my feeding pipe and vocal cords and said they were clear of cancer. I have to wait now until I get another appt. Tonight I,m really feeling sick and keep vomiting but of course because of the blockage it hits my throat, hurts, burns and gurgles down again. I feel awful. I feel cold but my skin is burning up. Also I feel ache-y  Do you know if when I want to be sick I can open my PEG tube and let some of the stomach contents out. If anyone reads this please get back to me about the sickness solution.

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JF, sorry the dialation didn't work.  maybe next time w/a bendy tube it will be much better.  i don't have a solution for the sickness but wanted to tell you i'm praying for you to feel better.


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