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Today's CT results :-(

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Met with my doctor this afternoon to get my CT scans results and the news was not good.  Several liver spots that were absent from last 3 scans are back, I have a new tumor on my adrenal gland (on top of right kidney).  With that news I'm now schedule to get a Pet Scan this Thursday along w/ an MRI, The MRI is for some bad headaches I've been having.  All my blood work is in good order, marker around 4. For the first time in a long time my oncologist looked a little uneasy.  For now, the flu seems to be going away and I'm feeling more energetic.  Time will tell.  Peace



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 Heres hoping scans turn out in your favor.

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What stage were you buster brown? Have you been fighting this all these years? Did you have a recurrence?i hope your MRI goes well!

Cathleen Mary
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Oh, Buster, so sorry there is more on your plate.  This sure is an insidious disease. Praying PET and MRI show no surprises. We are all here for you.


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Grace. I've been at this for too long. I was DX w/ MCRC Dec 2004. I've been in and out of remission 4x. Last April is when almost all my cancer came out of nowhere and tipped my world on it's ear. Today, I have cancer primrarly in my live, peritoneum.  I'm 52 yrs old and in decent heaht despite cancer...

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Peace to you. I'm sending you love and light tonight. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

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Sorry to hear this. Hopefully treatment will zap it right out of you. Good luck with the MRI.


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...in such situation. I have had a similar disappointment on Monday. Life goes on and we have to do the next thing. PET scan for me too.

Let's make every day a good one and hope for the best.


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I am so sorry Buster.

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I'm so sorry you got such tough news.  I hope the next scan gives more info, and that your doc can get you set up with a good plan for the next step.  Pls keep us posted!  We'll all be thinking of you.

 I'm sending some strength and hugs your way~AA

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I am lighting a candle for you tonight that you have the best possible outcome.  I hope that your headache is a leftover symptom from your flu.  We are here for you.

Peace. ~ Cynthia 

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We've had too much bad news lately :(  I hope the MRI went well.   Please let us know how you are doing.

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I have a CT scan every two months and each time it shows a growth on my liver.  Then ultra sound scheduled with a biopsy finds nothing. Next I do a Pet scan and nothing lights up. My CEA is less than one but mu oncologist knows something is there only because CT scans say so. Could be anything else but he thinks cancer just doesn't know why he thinks so. In the past eleven years ( three bouts with cancer) I had CT scans so often I light up a room in the dark. The truth is for me the CT scan has been wrong 60% of the time. Both in not finding a cancer and identifying cancer I didn't have. Now every two month it's like ground hog day. Repeat the tests ; repeat the results; wait another two months. My point these tests and the doctors are not definitive. Best of luck Lou

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