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Best Birthday Present Ever

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I just got a call from my doctor's office and my tumor was 100% benign.

I plan on sticking around because I really care about all of you and want to continue to offer my support and prayers when needed.

You guys were there for me when I suffered a month of sleepless nights and mounds of anxiety.



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Let's see. all that worry... for nuttin honey..!!  Go celebrate... go dancing nekkid in the street.. (I will send you my address..)..   Have fun and wonderful news..!

Ron Smile

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     CONGRATS! I could not think of a better present than that! So happy for you! Keep healthy!

                                 Love and prayers of good health!


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Hand in your membership card. You can keep the beeney. All that worrying and now I bet your toes keep wiggling. Maybe your husband knew something no one else did. Sure was a close call. In any event, I bet you keep a new outlook on life. Great news! Fox.

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Wow, great news!

Like Ron said, hit the streets and shout it out!

For those of you non southerners, I will translate Ron's comment:

Naked- having no clothes on

Nekkid- having no clothes and and being up to somethin'



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FANTABULUS! Please do stick around, the more happy endings the better around here and the newbies need to hear'em. Congrats and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

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Happy Birthday and I'm happy that your results came back benign.  Is there a reason you didn't opt for a biopsy?  I did because I didn't want to have the surgery if I didn't need to but now I know I need to and one week from today I will be one day post surgery.


I hope you have the best Birthday and year of your life! You are already off to a good start!!



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Skagway Jack
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Thats as good as it gets! Enjoy your birthday with gusto!  Congrats!


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What birthday present could you get that would top that?  Congratulations!

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Great news and the best birthday gift ever!! Congrats and Happy Birthday!



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Now, could you move a little closer and let some of your luck rub off on me? Laughing

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WOW! WOW! WOW!  That is really fantastic news!  All that worry and what a relief!  Ron is right... go dance in the street!  (but keep your clothes on, it is cold out there!)  LOL  All the best to you.. so happy for you!  <3


Diana, just get me up to speed, please. Was this the right side or left side? Or both? LOL

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Apparently both sides are benign. I have a cyst on the left side about 2 cm and I had benign tumor taken off the right side that was 1.5 cm. I feel really lucky. No RCC.


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Congratulations!  You couldn't want a better birthday present...and in keeping with the "southern" theme....Happy, happy, happy!

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I should add that Diana is like the third person in the last what 12 months that got similar good news..  Nice that a few escape the Cancer crud...!  You should know we love it when someone gets to escape...  but of course we want you to hang around here..!!  Now remember the Polar Bear group..  heh... Smile


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Congrats and Happy B-day!! I bet the great news makes you feel a year younger instead of older!!!

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YOU are blessed, elated and deserving of some peace of mind~

Yes, please stay..

Hugs, Jan

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Congrats on your birthday and good results. Listen to the doctors and follow up on the other cyst. Join me for a drimk in 21 years when you turn 70 like me. I will supply the ice.



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im so happy to see this news!! happy birthday, sweetie!

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I'm so happy for you that it came back benign!Also Happy Belated BirthdayLaughing. I hope your healing up well! 



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Finding out that you don't have cancer has got to be the most wonderful news imaginable.  I am very happy for you. 

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