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CT results for Laz

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The good news is that the liver and the lungs are clear. The bad news is that there is some abnormality in my left seminal vesicle, which is a gland next to the prostate. The doctor says it is very rare that rectal cancer would spread into this gland, especially since my cancer was far away from this area, but anything is possible and could be just the consequence of radiation or surgery. I'm gonna have a consultation with the surgeon on the 7th and he may order a PET scan.

Of course I'm concerned and my wife is very nervous too.

Any thoughts?


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I am sorry to hear that LAZ. I hope it is nothing. Either way it sucks that we have to stress out over every little thing.

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It is always devistating when they find something abnormal, and so my thoughts are with you Laz and your wife. 

I'm sure the 7th can't come quick enough for you both. Waiting is so very hard, when you think your body may harbour more of those cancers.

I will keep you in my thoughts and pray that it all amounts to nothing serious. 

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You've been through so much. Hopefully it's nothing. I wish a great outcome for you.


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Positive thoughts and hopefully it is just a glitz and nothing serious. That is the problem with what we went through and are going through. Every little and big thing we feel and what they find,comes always right back to the one word Cancer. Hopefully it is nothing serious. Thinking positive thoughts for you.


Cathleen Mary
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It is amazing how anxious about every spot and ache this disease makes us. And, waiting is the pits.

Prayers and hope that all is well and you can soon return to recovering fully from all that you have already been through.


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I'm hoping its nothing. And I hope you can relax in the face of this challenge. I know this is easier said than done. But I believe it is possible. Faith displaces fear! Keep the faith. Love and light to you my friend.

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I hope it turns out to be ok,but I would get the pet scan if possible.I know it's hard not to worry.I am going to ask my doctor for a pet scan.It will help to put to rest any fears you might have.I will be praying for you.

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there Laz you have really been tough in all you have been thru my thoughts are with you...Godbless...johnnybegood

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Laz, I realize this must be very discouraging for you and your wife.  I'm sure you're both very anxious.  I really think there is a very good chance that this abnormality is a result of the radiation or some other part of the treatment.  It will not surprise me at all to learn that it was just a scare.  So many folks here have had similar scares.  These tests often pick up things that end up either disappearing or not changing (indicating it's not cancer).  Try not to worry.  Just wait and see.  I can only relate to what your wife is feeling....I don't want to pretend to know what it must be like to experience this kind of worry first hand.  I think it will be okay.


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It could be just a cyst.   Live life and be happy!  Thinking about the negative will get you no where, and the odds are it is just a cyst.


We keep you in our prayers and are sending our good thoughts to you and your wife for good healing and strength!


Best Always,  mike

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Hey Laz, It may not be cancer.  Could be anything.  So glad the rest is clear. 

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