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Mom of 3
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Hi all, I'm writing a little follow-up to what I posted a couple weeks ago. We had been 'lurking' here for over 3 years and finally needed to chime- in. Dale had his petscan yesterday and the Doc called late last night to say "ALL CLEAN!!" There was a very small lymph node or salivatory gland under his chin line. They tried to get a fine needle biopsy before the Pet but the thing is so small it was impossible. Check up in 3 months as usual. Could this be scar tisssue? Or maybe node still swollen from the flu at the time of CT scan a month ago? 


Thank to you all, 


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Congrats on the NED! Glad your hubby got the NED again! No experience with the lymph node or salivatory gland under the chin, but I would say that if the Dr is sayin "ALL CLEAN", then I would go with that. He must not be that concerned or he would be pressing the issue. Let it go....and celebrate!


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Like mentioned, hard to say on the swollen area...

The all clear has got to be good news... I'd presume with the "all clear", the swollen area is more than likely residual... But the follow-ups are important..



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i would try not to worry about the node since the doc isn't concerned and i'd do a happy dance around the kitchen to celebrate the NED!!!  congratulations!!


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Hi Tammy,

Keep those great reports coming. Always great to hear survivors keep on surviving. Thanks Don

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Congratulations on the good news  NED.....  :)

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“ALL CLEAN” sounds very right to me!

I don’t know anything about the swollen lymph node or whatever.   The doctor is aware and will keep a watch on it.


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