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Someone needs to slap me!

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This is just stupid!  With all the pain and suffering in this world, the injustice,sickness, the dying and here I sit at almost two in the morning bawling like a baby, great hiccuping sobs because my dog got hit and killed by a car!  What in the world is wrong with me when there are CHILDREN dying of everything and I crying over my dog .  I am sicker than I thought{mentaly}.  Don't mind me...just feeling sorry for MYSELF!  debra 

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Hi Debrajo,

I am so so sorry to hear about your beloved dog. There is nothing wrong with you except that you are in shock and grieving such a tragic loss. I'm sure your dog was a very loved member of  your family, and losing a family member is always hard. Just because they have fur, does not mean we feel any less sorrow or loss. It just plain hurts.

I would be a blubbering mess if that happened to my sweet girl. I think about losing her, and just hate the thought. She will be 12 and in large breed dogs that's really old.

Please be kind to yourself and allow yourself time to deal with such a difficult loss. Crying is normal, it just shows how much your dog was valued and loved.

Sending you gentle comforting hugs.

I am so sorry for your loss.


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The  is nothing wrong with you except you are human and have suffered the loss of a member of your family. I am so sorry for your loss.

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So sorry for the loss of your dog.  Animals become part of the family.  Naturally we grieve when we lose part of our family.  Crying is a normal part of grieving.  So cry your eyes out and then remember all the joy the dog brought you.  You are not sick ( mentally), you are human.  It shows how much you loved your dog.  Been there, done that.   

when we lost one of our German Shepherds we got another puppy.  I said I would not get so attached to a dog again.  It did not take long to love that dog just as much.  She ran away when our in laws kept her for us.  I was heart broken.  We came home from our trip , and luckily we found her.

hope you are feeling better soon.  I do not want to "slap you" ,  I want to HUG you.   Sending you a great BIG cyber hug.

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Youi're a normal loving human being, like all of us.  Dogs are so much part of our lives and I've been missing my little Shih Tzu's since last one was put down last October.  I actually see pics of them (brother and sister) and start getting teary-eyed.  I had the first one go a year earlier and this last one was so unexpected, as his health took a turn for the worst.  Dealling with my recurrence and know when I'm back up to full-tilt, we're getting a few dog rescues.

Don't beat yourself up about your emotions for your dog....I am the same way.  You'll have time to worry about the poor children and families with no money.  For now center on the grieving of your poor dog and remember he/she with fond memories of love.

Allow yourself to grieve as it took me a good 3 weeks of intense crying to get back to my normal.

Be strong and know your dear 4-legged family member is now in no pain!!



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The subject line.caught my attention and I was going.to.make a.really bad comment like ok here is your slap. BUT your story is not one to earn a slap.but a hug instead.  When my best friend passed my first.dog a chihuahua, Tina, I was  around 14, I had her all my childhood, I cried. When I was an adult and had another dog pass I cried.  I also have had cats. Turtles, a rat, and a rabbit when they have passed I have criend each time.  I have many great memories of each one and loads.of.pictures. they are part of your family.  Hugs to you and it is not silly. Trish

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Dear Debrajo:

After my initial diagnosis (and my late night crying), after that I didn't really cry at all.  I had gone to many funerals of loved ones and friends but barely shed a tear. Always trying to be strong and brave.  Then when my dog died, I did as you did.   Open the flood gates and everything I had been holding back just came out.    Although our loved ones stay by our sides, it is our furry friends who are with us no matter what.  When your happy theyre happy.  When you are sad, they comfort you.  So as you are crying and saying how stupid it is to be crying for an animal (I have done that too), there is nothing wrong with that.   

I am so sorry for your loss and I believe you may have heard of the Rainbow Bridge where your beloved pet will be.   (There is also a website for this)  My thoughts are with you.



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Sending hugs

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You all are wonderful!  Don't know what I would have done  without you!  I am still one big hot mess, but  know   I'm not the only one!  My son told me he would get another one one day, but I find it's not The animal I miss, it's him, my big ole chocolate Lab !  His  getting killed on the highway brought back so many memories of my little niece who was killed on the highway last Nov.  Guess I still have issues with that!  Thank you for the rainbow site and all your kindness.  I have some pictures posted{I think...if I did it right!} on my Facebook page{Debra Powell Phillips/ Texas you ladies are welcome to view under the album "Chance"  Love you all for the hugs and confort.  Debra

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Hi Debrajo:


  I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved dog.  You will need time to grieve obviously and it will take some time.  My sympathy goes out to you and I will keep you in my thoughts.  Our pets are members of our family.

  In time, I hope you can get another dog after you go through the grieving process.

  I own a domestic short hair cat, Oreo that we adopted through our local SPCA in January of 2010 and he was about 5 years old then and he was a stray cat. He is now 9 years old and he was there for me when I went through cancer and all my treatments back in 2011.  I so appreciated him being here for me and he was of great comfort to me.  I have never owned a cat before until now, and our family enjoys our cat a lot and we bought him for our son who wanted a pet for a number of years.  My son enjoys our cat very much. He is such a joy and very affectionate to us.  I like animals a lot especially cats and dogs and grew up with a chihuahua.  


a/k/a Jane


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Thanks Jane.  We have had tons of  cats, dogs...and kids over the year, just non e like chance.  I had my beautiful Calico cat that went through the cancer thing with me, Tigressa{Tiggie for short} .  She was 13 years old and getting sick and old, but still gave the birds and squrrels a run for their money!  Right after my step dad died in june, :13, I wasn't paying attention and I knew she always ran out to meet me and I ran over her with the car.  That hurt so much!  To be that old and to die that way!  But this has been a real eye opener with Chance.  I didn't know I depended on him for love and distraction, and just sheer joy!  Will take a while...he was a real personality!  Thanks all again, Debra

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So sorry to hear this, Debra.  Our pets are part of our family and we grieve for them in the same way.  Coming so soon on the heels of your niece makes it so much harder to cope with.  Thinking of you.  Helen xx

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You have every right to sob and grieve for your beloved dog, who was a dear member of your family.  May all of the happy memories help to sustain you and your family during this very difficult time.  I truly believe that when our pets pass on, their journey takes them to animal heaven, where they romp and play to their hearts content, until we meet with them again.



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Thanks Hellie and Kelly!  I am not as lost today and I know it's a process.  Keleena{Kathy} told  me about the rainbow bridge for pets and their "people".  It had a wonderful poem I saved then sent a copy of to my son.  If there is any justice in this world, or the next, that poem will be correct!  Ya'll go over and reed it. I smiled and cryed, but it sure does give you something to pray for!  Thanks so much Kathy!  And thank you all again, bless all ya'll hearts!  Best, Debra

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