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Fluid in pleural space and PE's

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Has anyone developed PE's or fluid in lung or pleural space as a result of long term chemo? I developed 3 PE's around the first of the year, and dissolved by taking Xarelto. Over the last 3 weeks I had 1500 ML drained, and had a Pleur X drain inserted last Thursday. 2000 ML was drained then, followed by 500 ML on Saturday and 300 ML tonight. It's weird, the tumors and lymph nodes are dead and gone, I feel pretty good, even able to go to the gym with the drain in. I'm worried this is the beginning of the downward spiral.

Hope someone has something to share.


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Sorry, can’t help, I had no experience with that. I am confused though, why did you take xarelto (an anticoagulant) in the first place? Unless you had something like pulmonary embolism; how would xarelto resolve the pleural effusion?

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Mike, i can't help with your question but wanted to say I am praying for you.  This could just be a complication and not an indication that the downward spiral has started.  that's what i'm hoping and praying anyway.  hang in there Mike and try not to borrow trouble altho i know that's hard.

God bless you, Mike,


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D Lewis
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I've got no experience with the PEs.  I know my mother went through that, and it was not a big deal. That is what the drains are for, to assist you through a rocky place.  Holding good thoughts for you.  Hang in there.


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No answers here but plenty of prayers and good thoughts coming your way.

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I can't say anything, because I don't know what we're talking about.....but you know I'm sending positive thoughts and prayers....you are the longest residing pocket resident I have.... will be keeping you cozy in there. Laughing 


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Good seeing you reporting in. I guess it could be under better circumstances but still very nice to know you are hanging in there putting up the good fight. PE, like P I gots no idea bout that. Good luck. Don

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PE, would be for pulmonary embolism (blood clot in lung). That is what the blood thinner was for. As far as the fluid, I know nothing about that

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I was confused about the PE acronym, thought it was pleural effusion. It now makes sense. But still no suggestions.

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