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my husband's scans, bone and CTs along with his MRI were all good; looks like both laminectomy and cyber radiated met are either shrinking or healing (the latter obviously the laminectomy)

So, another 3 month reprieve and now we are in maternity ward awaiting the birth of our second grandchild.


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Sarah.. such great news.. life is good indeed..!  Boy or Girl..?


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Congratulations on the scans and on the grandchild!   What a great day!


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ww are still waiting: gender unknown. It has been a long day but so good.

life is good, indeed


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Sounds like you are celebrating LIFE, and all its challenges!

Great attitude! How is your husband handling this news?

Don't ya love being a grandparent?

Let us know about the baby too.

Enjoy and Celebrate LIFE!!


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Just full of good news! Congratulations! Keep us posted on the new arrival!!



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How abount Ned or Nedine for the names of the grandchilld.

Which of course reminds me of an old storey.  A young mother was pregnant with twins, Her husband was away on business  and she could only find her idiodic brother to take her to the hospital. The brother did what he had to do and got her to the hospital where she delivered a beautiful little boy and little girl. While she was passed out her brother  had to name the 2 babys. The mother awoke with disbelief finding out that her brother picked the names. Fearing the worst she asked what he named the baby girl. The nurse replied Deniece. She could not believe her brother could pick such a beautiful name. And what did he name the baby boy? Denephew.


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     What great and exciting news for you both! Enjoy, breathe, and let us know about the new grand baby, boy or girl?

                                                       Love and prayers for good health,


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Wonderful news, all the way around! Here's hoping that all your posts brighten our days with exciting news. Enjoy every minute!

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the baby is a girl, 7 lbs, 13 ozs, born at 8:05 pm. Our other son is expecting in August and it will be a boy.

My husband returned to babysit our first grandchild this morning after being up past 2 am so he's feeling great!

Thanks to all of you; this is such a wonderful family to share good and bad news.


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Congratulations, there's nothing better than grandkids! Its hard to tell, but that's my wife and I and all 9 of ours this past X-Mas in my avatar.

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9????? You are a rich man! Grandchildren are amazing gifts. In the lowest times with my husband's health, my granddaughter was my sole distraction.

My grandmother lost her youngest son (17) three months before I was born and all of my life I heard that I had been her lifesaver.

How many children do you have?


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Oldest and youngest are girls, boys in the middle.  Our youngest is still single and tells us not to plan on hitting double digits anytime soon, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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We'll take all the good news we can get!

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Great news!

i am sure it has been a tough 6 months or so. 

Celevate the good news and forget about the scansiety for a while!

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All kinds of good news around here today.



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my husband is on the 90-day plan; he will get scans again after we get back from Hawaii.

we will enjoy the reprieve


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That is "grand" news, both on the results and the new grandbaby!  Congratulations to all!

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Congratulations! Twice!

I wonder if your son/daughter could have a talk with my son/daughter-in-law... :) I'd love to have a grandchild. We haven't had little ones around my family in 20 years.

What fun.


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our son has a 15 month old and this new baby....our oldest son is having his first in summer.

don't know that your son wants to follow our son's family planning but they are the BEST.


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