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just checking

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Just checking in.

Waiting in hospital now for brain surgery.

Thought it would be very early this morning. Then told 5:30pm today.

Now moved up to 3:30pm. Good. Sooner better.

Procedure to drain and remove part of fliud filled cyst behind L ear, not deep, not close to brain. About 1 hour surgery.

Should provide much needed relief from dizziness an weakness. Been bed bound almost a month. Life complete STOP.

Radiation to brain, lower leg, pelvis to continue this week.


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I am sending good mojo your way.


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jim and i
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So happy they are relieving some of your problems as I post this. When you are ale to read this, I pray your uncomfort is relieved. that the doctors and nurses, including anyone else involved are caring and wise in your treatment. May God wrap his arms around you and give you healing and peace.


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Saying a prayer as you should be in surgery about now. Will be happy when you can post some relief. You deserve it! 

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vicki, i'm just reading this and your surgery is over.  i pray all went well and you are resting nicely.  i'm so sorry you have to have more rads and pray for few side effects.  i am keeping you and your husband in  my thots and prayers.  i'll be looking forward to seeing a post from you when you feel better letting us know how you are doing.  take care of yourself and rest as much as the hospital will let you.

God bless you,


josh r.
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Hoping and praying that all went well. We're here for and with you. josh r.

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for a successful surgery and relief from your symptoms.  Hope you are improving and able to get out of bed.



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Prayers and best wishes and we haven't heard from you in awhile. Hope all is well.

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