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How long on pain meds and when can I work

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I had my lower left lobe removed (open surgery ) 4 weeks ago. I'm still on pain meds but want to get off ASAP and go back to work. My job is bar tending so hard to know when I should go back. plus I could use some good ideas for PT

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Im wondering the same thing.. Today is three weeks since having my lower rt lobe removed. I only take 2 percocets a day along with lots of Aleve..  still hurts to walk and drive..(jiggling or bouncing).     Im a fork truck driver and material handler... gonna be a while untill i can haul my big butt up n down a forktruck 30+ times a shift.

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Did your surgeon give you a time frame ?  From experience with surgeries, it takes everyone a different amount of time.  Did they say anything about pulmonary rehab to you ?  That might be the best place to start.  It will let your doctors and you know where your at in the healing scheme of things.  Walking also is a great thing to do.  But don't over do it !  From both of the above posts you sound like you're doing really good, and wonderful attitudes about getting on with life.  As far as the pain meds that too depends on the person.  Ask your doctors about this one also.  Again from experience don't go it alone....you will be off the meds before you know it !  Katie 

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I was back to work in 3 months and one week. July 27 was lung surgery, returnined to work Nov. 5th., I lost the upper 1/3 of my right lung. But I also had a boipsy surgery a day and a half before lung surgery and open brain surgery to remove a tumor only a month and a half before the lung surgery. I had infusion chemo after all surgeries and was done with infusion chemo two weeks before going back to work. I started my chemo medication I took for a year after returning to work. Was back to work for about a year and 3 months. Just went out on disability this week with another brain tumor found now in a different location. Now, I HOPE to be able to return to work someday. Just begining another fight to stay alive. Hope your recovery continues in a positive direction for you. Prayers sent your way.



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