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Piggybacking on JackFlash22's thread

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My ENT wants to do a dilation and I was wondering if someone could tell me what's involved.  I can't imagine that sticking a tube down my throat can be anywhere near comfortable.

Thanks for some info.


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I never had the dilation done yet; my ENT said something about doing on a few months ago. But like I told her I eat only through the PEG tube so why do a dilation. From what I been reading here a lot of people get them to help with swallowing better. Wish you will and I will be reading to thread just to see what everyone is saying about dilation.


All the best

Tim Hondo

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Haven't been down that road but wish you well.

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I do not know how it is done, but agree with your analysis.

I wish you well my friend, this is just another step along “New Normal Way”.

Happy dilation,


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I had the procedure done twice in the past three years.  This is a dilation of the esophagus.  Food was not flowing smoothly into the stomach so had it done at the same day surgery room.  They put you to sleep and insert a balloon type gadget to later inflate to expand where it has supposedly narrowed.  You will never notice it and before you know it, you gradually awake in the recovery room.  Unfortunately, I still have the problem.  There are others who have found the procedure very helpful 

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I'm a pro at dilations - I had 13.  Mine were done by GI doctors.  So, I don't know if ENTs do it different (I know they do it)

It is basically an upper GI.  If the tube goes down, they do the exam, and then dilate.  If not, they do the dilation first, and then the upper GI exam.

Mine used a savery dilator.  Kinda looks like a compass (the making circle kind - not the direction kind).  They get it in position, and open it.  Just by millimeters - not very much. Oh, and you are asleep whie this is done.

YOu'll probably have a sore throat.  The first ones I had - I had been dehydrated - so it took longer to heal and was more painful.  I had vicidin for the pain.

After I had the feeding tube - I was no longer dehydrated - and I was able to go to work the next day.

IF the doctor gives you predinsone after the procedure - take either the pills or get prednilesone - the version they make for kids.  It tastes better.  The adult version should be outlawed.

Now, as I said, I had 13 dilations.  The thought was, it problem was radiation scar tissue.  I have read the others had months of relief from one dilation - and I pray that will be your case, and you won't need it again.  Same for everyone on this site that has a dilation.  Unfortuantely, it turned out NOT to be radiation scar tissue - instead - it was a new primary tumor.

(Note: I'm alive, breathing through my neck and using an electrolarynx to communicate - BUT, I'm alive AND I can eat whatever I want, becaause my upper esophagus was rebuilt!)

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I'm glad to hear they put you out.  My MedOnc told me that he didn't think they did, just gave a local.  Now, there is no way that's going to happen :)

I can eat almost anything I want, but often food gets stuck and I have to cough it up and chew it again, kind of like a cow.

Thanks again,


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My husband has had several done since his laryngectomy.  His was done by our head and neck specialist as an outpatient.  He was sedated and only had a minor sore throat.  Years ago I had to have it done and all they gave you was a nerve relaxer and believe me it wasn't fun at all.  Just like years ago when they did endoscopy you weren't sedated.  Thankfully that has changed and you are sedated today.


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jim and i
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Jim and I have both had our throats dialated several times. Everytime we were put to sleep and never had any pain  after. I have not heard of anyone who was not put to sleep and any doctor who suggested doing it with a local I would walk out on and demand my co pay back from because they are an idiot.


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joe, i've had several and there not bad.  i was asleep for all of them.  doctor tried once to do it in the office but i couldn't stop gagging.  imagine having a 3 ft hose stuck down your throat and doing your best not to gag, IMPOSSIBLE!!  i would NEVER, NEVER let them try that again so i have and will always be asleep for it.  it doesn't take long.  your throat may be a little sore for a few hours but nothing too bad.  i've never had a problem with the procedure and it always worked right away.  i say go for it.  Good luck, let us know how you do.

God bless,


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I had my dilation done yesterday, I had a panendoscopy and dilation under general anaesthesia. When I came round I had a slight ache in my throat but was given a pain killer and haven't had pain since. My tongue feels a bit sore where they gripped it to keep it out of the way but only when I move it.  I was pleasantly surprised at the lack of pain. my dilation didn't work this time due to to tissue damaged from the rads but they will do it again. It was said I' d need several to clear it. I take soluble aspirin before I go to bed to sooth my tongue.

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