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Brent not getting better

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Anyone have swelling and infection in the throat after chemo and radiation for larnyx cancer?  His last treatment was November 19, started feeling better, was able to eat (still had PEG tube in) then to the ER because he couldn't breath.  Had to have a trach put in several weeks ago.  Still can't eat, throat feels swelled and sore.  Been on tube feeding only for weeks and weeks. 

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Sorry to hear about your husband.  You should also post this on head and neck since it is laryngeal cancer if you haven't already.  My husband was diagnosed with laryngeal cancer in 2010.  He underwent 35 radiation and 3 chemo treatments.  Yes radiation can and does cause the throat to swell.  In fact we didn't know that the radiation caused my husband's throat to completely close off until he had a laryngectomy in 2011.  Then they had to reconstruct his throat.  No one knew this nor was it picked up on PET/CT scans he had before surgery.  He started having breathing problems in February 2011 and they did another biopsy and put a trach in.  The ENT found that one side of his vocal cord was paralyzed but the cancer had reoccurred also.  

Radiation is the gift that keeps giving for a long while, just like chemo.  There are many side effects and everyone is different in how they react and respond to treatment.  As far as the feeding tube my husband had one for the first time for 9 months until had his surgery.  Then in May 2012 they found it had spread to the cervical of his esophagus, more radiation and chemo.  Only NED for 4 months then reoccurred and spread to lung and he declined all further treatment.  He is still on a feeding tube and will be for the rest of his life -- many are and many more are able to eat once again.  

Wishing you and yours the best -- Sharon

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