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Some results

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We really like the UCSF system of posting results online as soon as the tests are read..... unless, they are so busy and don't get a chance to read them.

after checking repeatedly, I finally called the doctor's office who got verbal reports on 2 of the 4 so the bone scan was good as was the pelvic scan; we will have to wait for the chest scan and MRI until Monday although occasionally, they will post on the weekends.

Since my husband had spinal mets, the onc is more focused on the bones so this was very good news, particularly on the met that had cyber surgery. And, of course, unremarkable on the surrounding organs is great. Now, if we get a good scan on the chest, we will have a 3-month relaxation and my Hawaiian vacay plans will be finalized!!! We went in January and a repeat is definitely needed.

We are waiting for a call any day now from our son as soon as his wife goes into labor with grandbaby 2..... 

Creatinine was 1.3, the highest normal so contrast was used.

This weekend will be relaxing; we are so fortunate to not just have docs who are experienced with renal cancer but sensitive to crazed spouses.


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The future is so bright, you've got to wear sunglasses. Esp. in Hawaii. Nice way to start the day!

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Sounds like good things are coming your way. I can't think of a better place than Hawaii!! So happy for you!




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test #3, chest scan also "unremarkable", a GREAT word!


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