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what does this mean?

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Periductal lymph node containing metastastic adenocarcinoma....

Everything I'm pulling up on periductal refers back to the gall bladder,  Just had it removed.. had a PET scan today get results next Friday.  I know adenocarcinoma is cancer but is it in the bile duct, ???  I need a medical degree :)

I'm thinking this isn't good at all.

Thank You


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I'm no Doctor, but I think it might mean that there is cancer in the lymph nodes that are adjacent to where the spleen used to be. 

It will be interesting to see what others say, as this is just an uneducated guess. 

I am sorry to hear this news though, and hope that you get to talk to your Oncologist soon, so that you can find out whats going on and what to do about it. 

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Around or alongside the duct. In this case it is in the lymph nodes alongside the duct. 

Let us know what the scan says and I wish you the best possible outcome.


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Praying for a good outcome!




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