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Erbitux vs avastin

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We are awaiting results for KRAS mutation test for our second line chemo treatment.

I understand that if mutation type is wild then we can add either avastin or erbitux along with FOLFIRI.
Is there any data on which one is most effective?
Also in terms of side effects which one is better?
Your inputs on any info/experience would be very useful.
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I may be wrong but I am pretty sure Avastin can be used whether you are KRAS wild or KRAS mutant.  I had Avastin as one of my first chemo's (in addition to Oxiplatinum and Xeloda) before my tumor was checked for KRAS type.

Erbitux however is for KRAS wild as is Vectibux.  I have had both Erbitux and Vectibux, my rash was worse with Erbitux and I lost my hair by the third dose.  The Vectibux caused hair thinning in me, and mild rash.

i also had the Avastin, which can often cause high blood pressure and needs to be closely watched so that you do not have a stroke from unchecked high blood pressure.

Winter Marie 

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Your right Marie. You dont need the KRAS test for Avasin. Only for Erbitux and Vectibix.

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Bala, I had 12 treatments of FOLFIRI and Erbitux. It was very effective at shrinking a tumor in my liver.  Also, CEA level went way down while on Erbitux.  However, within three months of stopping chemo my CEA level started to rise and an MRI revealed another tumor in my liver. I have recently (Feb 7) had that tumor resected.  I'll meet with my onc on 3/20 to discuss next steps (eg whether more chemo is needed, type of chemo, etc.).  

I did experience a pretty bad rash while on Erbitux. it was humbling to say the least. But I would do it again if my onc thought it might help clean up any remaining cancer. If you want to see pics of the rash, see my 02/14/2013 post on my blog. I think another post after 2/14/2013 shows how quick the rash cleared up As well.

Good luck with treatments.


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