Allegies all over the body ... What seems to be wrong?

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Hello everyone,
Just a new one here in this forum.
We learned just last week that my husband is in stage 4 lung cancer, they saw also in his liver and lymph nodes.
He is now at home but he started to have an allergy all over his body, back, arms legs and ears.
He started to to take some food supplements like fish oil, omega 3 and barley grass tablet...
he's taking some pain killers too because they took some tissue sample from his liver to test for mutations and since then he had a pain in stomach region, we are waiting for the result by April. We told the doctor about his allegies which are so itchy and doctor said just stop taking the folic acid tablet

- what causes his allergies all over his body?
- is it from the food supplements hes taking all together?
- or a reaction because of the disease?

Please give some information about this. Thank you so much and I really appreciate your time to reply.
God Bless.


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    I think I ...

    I really think I would start with the barley grass tablet , often times our bodies can have a severe reactions to some of these so called natural supplements and our bodies just seem to reject it ( our body ties to tell us) what is not so healthy by the rash and other unpleasant symtons. So I would discontinue the barley grass first and see what happens sense this sounds like a allgery reaction and then wait and see if this problem goes away , then discontinue all the supplements one ay a time that way you will know for sure what is causing the problem, I have the same reaction with many so called natural supplements so if it were my guess it would be the barley grass, please update us on the outcome , sending you happy thoughts and hugs

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    This is very specialized info

    This is very specialized info and I really know zip about it.  If I was experiencing this issue I would google for a naturopathic oncologist near me.