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special anti-cancer diet/alternative treatments/supplements/vitamins

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Hi. Just joined. I have aggressive invasive squamous cell carcinoma of the nose/sinus. I've had 6 surgeries/reconstruction and deconstruction/33 radiation treatments. The cancer came back or was missed 3 times. I've lost my right nose and part of cheekbone/part of cheek all the way back to the sinus cavity. Now have to be left unreconstructed for at least 2 yrs. to make sure no cancer returns before they will try to reconstruct again.

Since I have maxed out any further radiation and have opted to not have any more of my face removed; and chemo, they tell me, is ineffective for scc; I am left looking into diet/alternative treatments or vitamins/supplements/green drinks,etc.

Does anyone have any experience with cancer and using anti-cancer special diets/vitamins/supplements,etc to boost ones' immune system to fight the cancer from returning?

Thanks so much...am trying to do everything I can to make sure the cancer stays away!


Wendy Segler
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Hi, You can email me at Wendysegler12@gmail.com I have the cancer in my vulva,( private parts, outer and inner lips) I am trying to cure mine naturally. Mediteranian diet, juicing, frankincense therapeutic oil, also myrrh and meluka(tea tree oil) Tumeric pills, two twice a day, make sure have meal or can upset your stomach. This is my second time around with this dreadful disease. Hope to hear from you, so I can help in any way I can. Wendy

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Hi! Thanks for sharing. Sorry to hear of your cancer. You just reminded me  to go to  the healthfood store for organic produce! I am fighting melanoma. Its an effort but I try to take 2 tsp turmeric with water every day.  I use natural oils for cooking and on skin and hair.  I make a paste of organic oil and turmeric. Organic olive oil and coconut oil are  anti carcinogenic I believe. Best of luck to  you. I hope you are well.

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vitamin C, Vitalzyme, Zinc, echinacia, liver detox suppliments, grapeseed extract, good sleep and exercise.  A relationship with Jesus Christ will give you peace knowing that he will never leave you or forsake you and he is with you, you are not alone. wish you the best.

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i am trying this now.  A good friend of mine, along with her family and friends p, have been making bitter raw apricot seed "shakes" for years.  I am newly diagnosed with (another) cancer -not as serious as most -BCC nodular type.  I am going to try the shakes for a month.  I will update.  

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Be aware that apricot seeds ground have a carcogenic effect as said in my nutribullet book. keep us informed on how this goes. I have been using the nutribullet for a couple weeks now. I really enjoy the fact of getting all the health benefits from drinking the vegetables and fruit mixed together being im not a big eater. you can find me on the anal cancer website also. good luck.


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truely sorry to hear about your cancer. 

I do not know if anyone has suggested this before but I have been eating large quantities of goji berries morning and evening it seems to have helped me a lot . I do not want to say it will help you but for me I have exp a tremendous difference. I wish you the very best 

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I used milkweed on my basal skin cancers on nose and face and it worked

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