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Onward and upwards

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Surgery was completed in about 4 hours. Negative margins stage I. Just a little sore and I should leave tomorrow. So now its back to waiting for the full pathology. But based on what he saw surgeon feels very strongly it was not responsible for my weight loss. So I still have more tests to go through with after I heal.

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Well done!!

Is that the norm that you find out if the margins are negative prior to the full pathology?



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From what I've gone thru with my own surgeries, and heard from others; and especially in a localized tumor situation, a sample is sent to the lab with a frozen section analyzed immediately.  This allows the Dr. to excise more, if necessary, at the time of initial surgery, rather than having to do the whole thing over.

My entire kidney was removed, so that was a "no brainer".  But there was mets to the liver, with other cysts or tumors showing on the x-ray in the right lobe. Each one (there were several) was removed in a wedge and a frozen section was examined and determined to be a cyst, before moving on to the next.  The original CT had shown one or possibly two mets in the left lobe.  The lobe was removed and upon examination it proved to be one large tumor.

What's great is you have the surgery behind you, the prognosis looks very good and you'll be a long term survivor.  Catch your breath and try to unwind.

Best Wishes and a belated Valentines Day to you.



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were you worried about DSFrey? There is nothing to it. All the pressure is on your surgeon to do it right. Now move on with a new appreciation of life. Don't forget to share the Karma.

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Hi DS, it sounds like everything went well, I hope they find out what is causing the weight loss! Take care heal well:)

Djinnie x

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So glad to hear you are on your way to recovery. I heard nothing of my pathology or margins yet.  If you are leaving tomorrow you must be doing well. I'm a week out if surgery today and I feel 80% back to normal.  Let us know of your progress and take it easy.:)

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Hurray, DS! Glad it is behind you with such promising news!




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Glad everything went ok and you are feeling pretty good.  Guess that means I'm next in 10 days

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Wonderful news for you! Now heal fast and start eating LOTS! All the best to you, and hopefully everything will be a breeze from hear on out!

                                Love and prayers for good health!


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Congrats on getting the surgery behind you.  I'm glad to see you feel well enough to post.  I hope you get an answer to your weight loss problem.  I was having that problem too before my surgery and it has mysteriously improved since then.  It turned out that I have gastroparesis so I just have to eat small meals frequently which has allowed me to put back on a few pounds but it takes effort.  I know that problem can be very worrisome and, if it gets serious enough, it can be as scary as cancer.  I hope you find an answer soon.

Let us know when you get your pathology report.

Take care of yourself while you are healing,


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