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Major turn of events Update, detour in the road

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Many of you have been following my post for the past couple of weeks with all of the drama and let downs. Well I am here to tell you it has been the ultimate roller coaster ride. I went from thinking I had kdney stones to having 3 mets and thing they could be surgically removed to a follow up MRI which revealed a fourth met and not being operable. We I woud not take no for an answer. I found some medical literature on the benefits of liver and lung surgery. Sent it to surgeon and hesaid to see what my oncologist had to say. My oncologist was on board with surgery and MAYBE chemo after. I told my surgeon and he said he already met with the head thoracic surgeon and I am scheduled for surgery next Friday.

Winter Marie, I turned that no into a yes from the same surgeon.

I know not everyone is religious here but I asked that you all pray or hope that they only find the four spots that were on the MRI and complete the surgery.

Update: I met with both the lung and liver surgeon, the head nurse , and head intern all at one time in a small exam room yesterday. They have decided to order a last minute chest ct scan scheduled for tomorrow at 3. I have pre-op the following morning (Thursday) and surgery Friday morning. Now it is all hinging on this scan. which I might not even get the results until I am already at the hospital again Thursday morning for Pre-op.

I am stressed to the max but God will get me through it.

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Surgery is still this friday 2/28 unless the chest ct shows somthing they dont like.

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 Hope surgery goes well for you and me and Mary will keep you in our prayers.

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I hope all turns out well. I'm glad you insisted on the surgery. From what I have read, surgery is the best road to being NED.

I'll be thinking of you on Friday. Keep us up-to-date.


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Okay, sounds like your ducks are in order it's not time to execute the plan.  We'll send a prayer your way and wishing you nothing but positives vibesa and plenty of pease...


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Thanks Buster.

Cathleen Mary
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Hang in, Jeff.  My heart is full of prayer that scan is ok and surgery goes forward. Waiting is so hard. 

Know we are all rooting for you.



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Thank you. I know that you are all routing for me. It's comforting to have so many in my corner.

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Will be thinking of you over the next several days.  You must be so anxious.  Really hoping that it will all work out.  Sounds like you have some top notch doctors working to get you better.  I think your in good hands.  Please give us an update when you can.


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We are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers!   Keep up the good attitude and we will keep up the prayers!


Best Aways,   mike

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Thanks Mike and Chelsea. I did the scan late yesterday. On my way to the hospital for pre-op.I am conducting business as usal as if the surgery is going to happen tomorror. All your prayers are appreciared.


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