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Good Luck with the Scan tomorrow Todd!

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Hi Todd, 

Just wanted to wish all the best with the scan tomorrow! I will be thinking of you! I fully expect you to come back with a hangover from all the celebrating:)


Djinnie x

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good luck let us know; my husband is scheduled for scans and MRI on Friday so can really relate to your anxiety.


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All the best to you to Sarah, hope your husband has a good result on Friday!How long do you have to wait for the report?

Djinnie x

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we don't have long to wait; as soon as scans are read by radiologist, the report is posted online in his chart. He will meet with the oncologist on Monday.



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Ace that test..!!


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Will be thinking about you. Try not to worry!!




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As I said last week to the tech doing my brain MRI--"I hope those pictures are really boring"   She didn't give anything away, but I got the call two days later that said they were negative (unlike my PET/CT scan on 1/6 which I didn't hear about until 1/24 and showed four small lung mets).

New scan on Monday morning prior to being admitted for HD-IL2 at UVa.  I guess this is to provide a new baseline since it's been six weeks since the positive scan. 

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Results were good. I did stick around in LA for dinner with an old friend (well, an ex, actually, that is still a friend) and I did go for a nice glass of red wine with my venison dinner. :) Oh, and I had the banana, banana, banana dessert. Lol. (Clean bananas, everybody...)

One of the things I love about the City of Hope, is blood and CT results are posted to my chart online within 1-3 hours after the tests, so by the time I saw my doc in the afternoon, he had the results all in front of him. I really appreciate that.

Hugs Djinnie and bless you for asking.


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