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Anyone else have Mucoepidermoid carcenoma "MEC" as primary lung?

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Hi, My name is Abe and im one of the new kids on the block..

im two weeks post op from a lobectomy and resection of my rt lung..   I know mucoepidermoid carcenoma is ultra rare as primary lung but im wondering if anyone else is a survivor of it?

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Was hoping that someone would check in.  Perhaps you could contact other patients through the website at cancergrace.org

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 i think im asking for too much with under 200 documented cases...    ill just keep reading and also visit the other site everyone seems to talk about.



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Take the advice and ask all the questions ( one at a time of course) over at cancergrace.org , they have a cancer Dr that answers your question , so it is not someone guessing an answer and it is FREE, so ask till you truly understand the answer you get , Dennycee told me to go there and I am very happy I did !!! Let us all know what you learn as this is a journey that we can all learn from each other !! Sending WARM  AND POSITIVE THOUGHTS YOUR WAY , MAY YOU GET THE ANSWERS YOU NEED!!! HUGS

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