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no evidence of cancer

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I finally received biopsy results from sigmoidoscopy and everything is ok.  Doctor felt the bleeding could be a result of severe radiation damage to my colon.  She said I would not need to see her again unless my oncologist recommends it.  Funny, I swore my radiation oncologist said I should have been seeing a colo-rectal surgeon all along.  I will ask him and my other oncologist about it at my next appointments.  Naturally, I am very relieved and as always, I give thanks to the Lord for keeping me cancer free.

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This is wonderful and hope the same continues for many many years! It is always encouraging for others to hear good news about each others progress as well, so thanks for the update. May we all have some sense of reassurance in our future health.


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This is such good news to hear!  Congratulations!  May you always be cancer free!

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So happy to hear your news


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That is great news! Thank God! How many years post treatment are you? ,

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Awesome news!! So glad it went well. 

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I am 2 yrs.  5 months post treatment.  I feel good.

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Wishing you continued NED news!!!!


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So glad for your good news!  It's always a relief to get good reports.  Congrats on 2.5!

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Good news for you, horsepad!  I go to the CC also (your mentioned that before).  I was told at the beginning of all of this by my colo-rectal surgeon that I'd be seeing him alot, as he would be the "head" of the treatment team.  Just a thought!

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