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Strange question. I have been on nexavar for over a week and doing ok. The thing is, my scalp is tender, not itching so it is not lice, just tender to the touch. It doesn't hurt, like I said just tender.

Is this a common side affect? I haven't read where it is so I am wondering. Is this what it feels like before my hair falls out?:) 


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Gordon Charles
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Greetings Budd:  Nexavar was my first med after discovery of mets.  Did a lovely pair of padded sox come with your intro package?  The sox and resulting "hand and foot" tenderness are what I remember.  Not sure if the tenderness thing can extend to your scalp but I suppose it's possible.  If it is the case it's much preferable to the "hand/foot" thing.  That's what ended it for me.  As far as the hair loss part, I don't remember which med did that but if it happens just remember..."God only made a few perfect skulls... the rest he covered with hair!"  PS.  if your hair starts to fall out just go ahead and buzz it yourself.  Enjoy the day!

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