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My daughter's mammogram was negative!!!

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Yay!!!  We are all celebrating and her wedding in April is getting closer. 

BTW, I have an appointment with a geneticist on Feb 28th to see if he recommends any new testing.  My sister and I were BRCA negative, but we have a strong family history, so I want to see if there is any other testing I can do to help my younger female relatives (including Katherine, my daughter).

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I forgot to thank you all for your thoughts and prayers!  Chemo brain blah.  Anyway, I love you all!!!!

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Hooray Hooray!!! So glad to hear the good news that she got the all clear!!! Let the wedding plans and celebrations commence without fear!!!!Sealed

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Fantastic news!!!

New Flower
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great news!

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That is great news. Glad that is behind you now, and it is on to wedding planning!!
My sister asked me to check into a genetic test, pk53 I think it is. Her Dr. at the U of Washington told her about it. The test was expensive My insurance wouldn't cover it, and they test one who has the cancer. She thought our siblings would want to go in on it, but most don't want to know. Our family history of cancer is so strong that they, along with my onco really didn't see a need for a test~ they said they will continue to get annual physicals and go to the dr if anythings seems off!
I would be interested to know what your dr thinks of that one.

Happy Hugs,

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I am so happy for your daughter, you and your entire family!!  Fantastic news!!!



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Christmas Girl
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Huge relief!

Kind regards, Susn

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Thank God for your good news! I love you back!

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Now you can spend more time updating us with wedding news:)



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YIPEE - Let the celebration continue, and good times roll!

Strength, Courage and HOPE for a Cure.

Vicki Sam


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woot woot

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