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HAPPY v.d.

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Happy St. Valentine's Day...  OH my...


Roses are reddish, violets are bluish...

It's Saint Valentines Day... and yet I am Jewish..


Guess it does not matter, I wish all you ladies well..

Don't run after me.. cause one day I'm going to He**


Yes this is all in jest and you can plainly see..

This is the day the candy is on me..!


So, I took a bag of candy

Dark chocolate kisses naturally..

And gave them to former work gal pals

One way to get them to miss me...  Laughing



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Thank you for supporting all of us ladies on this board!


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Thank you for the cyber sweets!

And I thought your poem was really neat!

But it doesn't matter that you're a Jew

Because our Dear Lord Jesus loves you too!


So, Happy Valentine's, though I'm one day late

Because LOVE isn't here on just one calendar date

It was sweet of you to drop us a line

So, I repeat. . . 










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