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Squamous cell carcinoma in pharynx - stage 4

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Hi all, I recently had surgery to remove a swollen lymph gland and a lateral tonsil. They biopsied it and found squamous cell carcinoa. Unfortunately after xraying my teeth it was determined that they want to remove 3 lower molars and the mates above saying that any dental work after 6 weeks of radiation treatment would be too risky. Needless to say I'm pretty bumed out about that bit of news. Can anyone please offer any suggestions, advice or similar experiences?

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Welcome to the board.  I think you will find many people willing to help you here.  I have never heard of squamous cell carcinoma nor read about anyone on this board who has had it (I could be wrong).  You may way to make a similar post on the head and neck board.

Regardless, I can recommend that you keep your faith and a positive attitude.


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  There used to be a poster on here when I first came on board back in 2010 that started with head and neck cancer, but developed Lymphoma later. He has not posted in awhile. Maybe he will see your post and respond. I know nothing about squamous cell, but you are still welcomed to come here and post whenever you like. John

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I have lymphoma and was recently diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma. Fortunately, so far at least, mine is on my skin and under a toenail. Its unclear that a clear link exists between my two cancers, however there is a clear record of people being treated for lymphoma getting lesions from squamous cell. Squamous cell of the skin is most often closely linked to sun exposure and/or radiation treatment. However it can occur anywhere in the body. Thats about all I know about it. Good luck.

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