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REAL FOOD! - Meant to put on H&N board - but its good news - so I'll share here!

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On Wednesday, I got the go-ahead to eat ANYTHING I WANT!  This is after the total laryngectomy and rebuilt esophagus.  I was on PEG tube feedings before going in the hospital, and on continuous feed since then.  So, I went from continuous feed right to REAL FOOD!

Food is so delicous.  It has been a long time.  I have to watch it though - as I am sure my stomach shrunk in the last 6 weeks - and I don't want it to get too big, because I can still stand to lose another 50-60 pounds.

But, the food is REAL GOOD!

Some food takes a little longer to get down, and liquids are actually harder to swallow now.  But, today I had fried chicken and a piece of pizza (not all at the same meal).  YUMMY!

What is weird, is I cannot choke on my food anymore.  But, my mind doesn't realize that yet, so if it feels like the food is not going down right away, I start coughing.  Then, I cover my mouth - oops - that doesn't do anything anymore when I cough.  After 51 years, it is hard to get used to covering my neck.

Now, I reserve the right to return to the feeding tube if I have radiation  (continuous feed if necessary).

But, in the meantime - I'm going to eat, eat, eat (well, small portions anyway)!

In case you didn't realize it, I'm very excited about eating (and not risking my life when I do so).  Oh, and jellie bellies are good too! (my husband only gave me 3 of them).



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