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Today I got a hospital letter to say they were going to take me into hospital to examine my blocked throat. They could see from the swallow video test that the liquid wasn,t entering the food tube. They think it's radiation damage and will try to open my throat. I feel more nervous about this than all the other treatment I've had. they will do it under anesthetic so I won't feel it. I imagine that my throat will hurt after. I get panic attacks if I feel I can't breathe. Anyone out there who has had this done and what were the results.

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going to dialate your throat, right?  Lots of folks on here have had it done.....some many, many times.  I think your throat might be a little sore afterwards, but nothing like you've already endured....and I believe it is short lived.


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I had it done 13 times last year.  Yes, it hurt afterwards - but vicodin helped.  Before i got the PEG, I was dehydrated when it was done, and took 2 days to recover.  My doctor also put me on prednisone high dose for 5 days.  If yours does that too, be sure to get the kind they prescribe for children if it is a liquid.  The adult version needs to be outlawed.

After I got the PEG, I was no longer dehydrated, and I was actually able to go to work the next day.


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i've had my throat dialated several times and its no big deal.  i had a little sore throat for a few hours but then back to normal.  it was definitely easier than any of the txs.

good luck,


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Hi Jackie,

Many folks have had their throats dilated and it seems to work but sometimes need to do it again after some time. Hang in there and you will get through it. I'm sure it will be far less discomforting that all you have been through already. don

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