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Happy Valentine's Day!

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To a great bunch of very special people, patients and caregivers alike...you have my love and respect for all that you do.

But not my marshmallow hearts.  I'm sorry, but I have to draw the line somewhere.

BIG hugs to you all!

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Bring on the chocolate  and the roses , even if you are on your own.

Hugs and loves to our carer's (sp) who have lost their Valentine to Cancer. I say treat yourself and have happy memories of Valetines past. 

Love to all.

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Cute... video reminded me of our 2 year old and the dog.  Hes constantly jumping on her and hugging her and telling her that he loves her.  She stands there like that cat and just tolerates it.


Happy Valentines to you all!

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ahhhhh thanks AA....that is the cutest cat in the world......I am planning a special dinner for hubby......a fresh shrimp salad on rice.....it is an Italian recipe....oh and a chilled bottle of white.....the snow in my backyard is up to the clothesline!!!! not kidding.....amazing......might as well have a little party......love to all.....special Valentine wishes for all our members who are struggling........there is a slew of you.....thinking of you each and every one


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No pie?! Sorry food is love down south lol.

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Dear Ann, thank you for the Valentine and may all have a sweet day.


Marie who loves kitties

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for sending the valentines love out.my hubby surprised me with a very special card,a book,and some beautiful bandanas to wear on my bald head.they have red roses on them and one has butterflies.we both hugged as we cried together....Godbless...johnnybegood

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that you are celebrating this special day together, JBG.  Much love to you.

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We are going to dinner Sat night.  We are still digging out and melting in NC.

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going out the day after.  We are staying home and I'm making steak.  Cheaper and way less crowded!

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Thanks. You beat me to the punch. I started to initiate this thread. Happy V day to everyone! 


Hugs and kisses


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Happy Valentines day everyone... A quiet snow-covered day here in Virginia.



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Happy Valentines Day everybody!


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My Maxwell approves :)

Happy Valentines Day to All.  I hope everyone's day was filled with either present love or the memory of past love.  Thank you Ann for the sweet post. This is a picture of a strawberry that looked so much like a heart I had to take a picture of it a while back. Peace and love. ~ Cynthia


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Love to you all on this special day!!!


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What a cute little boy!!!! Made me smile <3

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What an absolute cutie.  I bet that little boy lifts your spirits and helps you fight your fight. 

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A friend sent me a card today stating, Valentine's day is for everyone, wasn't easy 3 years ago when my wife of 28 years decided to leave me during this fight. But I did find some comfort in this card.  God bless everyone, chuck

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