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New and scared...intro to myself

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I'm a head and neck cancer survivor. Now going in hospital for tests next week.

Recent scans show shadows being further investigating. Including bone scan. I have severe lower leg pain and some lower back and hip.

Also having a biopsy done in the lung.

Arrangements for radiation to brain lesions.

I'm very scared. 

I know nothing about bone cancer and don't want to look on the internet. Afraid it will frighten me more.

The head and neck group has been so helpful through my last crisis. I though I'd introduce myself here as well.

As you know, we do so much for each other being here.

Thankvyou for any feedback in advance.



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hi catluver96! i too am a kitty fan!  im sorry to hear of your situation.  i was diagnosed w/bone cancer when i was 16 in my left lower femur bone.  i had a partial femur bone replacement, a few inches of tibia bone replaced just below my knee, and a knee replacement, also had about 9 months of chemo.  this all took place in nyc about 16 yrs ago (im 32 and still here).  the internet can be a scary place especially when you're already scared and vulnerable so its probably a good thing not to look stuff up until after you have a diagnosis, and even then i'd be mindful of what sites you look at.  you mentioned in your post that you're going for testing the following week, so by now i'm guessing you may have some answers.  maybe ask your doctor/medical team of the best resources to find out more info.  im open to staying in touch if you'd like.  best wishes to you, Kate  Smile 

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