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bad news today

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 just got bad news today. Have to be admitted next week to hospital for tests. Scans show shadows on my brain and lung and bones.

 Dr. said there was more than a fair amount of disease showing on the scans.

, I have been home in bed for 20 days with severe pain to my leg and weakness.

 We are in shock and so scared and I feel so weak .


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So sorry to hear this news.  Hopefully with tests next week they will also be able to get pain under control.  You've done it before and you can do it again.  I know that a new fight is not something that any of us want to do.  You will be in my prayers.

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Vicki, I'm really sorry for the news and will have you in my thoughts and prayers.   I'm sure that being home in bed with severe pain was no fun at all.   At least that can start to help you with the pain which should be some relief.    

we're all pulling for you and you will be in our prayers.   


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Prayers coming your way...

I too hope they can get your pain under control, and kick butt on treating you, hopefully stopping the bad things from progressing...


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I am sorry about the report.  Good thoughts and prayers for you.


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jim and i
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So sorry to hear this. Praying for you.




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Very sorry to hear the bad news. Your in my thoughts and prayers. My tomorrow be better than today was;


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I am truly sorry this horrible disease has decided to pick on you again. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you step up your battle. Stay positive and kick some butt.


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Sorry to hear sending thoughts and prayers your way.

Wishing you peace and comfort -- Sharon

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Sorry to hear. Stay strong and know that your CSN family is here for support.

God bless,


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oh, vicki, i'm so very sorry to hear that news.  i hope the docs can get your pain under control and you get strong again so you can fight!  saying prayers for you for all to go well.  we are here for you, Vicki!!

God bless you,


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for the moment it's ok to feel scared and in shock.....it is part of the human condition....you will get past this part, and then move into the fight mode.  As KT said, you did it once, you can do it again....and you will!!!

Positive thoughts and prayers.....LOTS of them....heading your way.


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SO GOOD having you all in my corner! Gives me strength.

Thank you,


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So sorry to here this Vicki. I will pray for you.

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So sorry to hear this. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.


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