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I'm home today

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Dr. Knol successfully whacks another mole!

Thank you Dr. Knol and UMHS team, for being one of the best facilities in the country and for taking such good care of me. Thank you Jesus for Dr. Knol and for UMHS. Thank you family (especially Connie, Mary & Jim, George) for spending too many hours with me throughout this process. Thank you Cancer Survivor Network forum members, for being so supportive and informative throughout this most recent battle AND since the beginning of this war. And thank you for calling and checking up on me, for your countless prayers and support!!!

You can read the longer post (including the short-story on the ice-chip depacle) on my blog (http://PScamihorn.me).

Seriously THANK YOU all for your support. Your experienced and informed support scratches an itch that only you all could do!!!

I am very gateful for having you!



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 Home, home, home! 

Nothing better than your own bed after a stay in the hospital.

Rest up and get your strength back. The fight goes on, and we're at your side. 

Happy day!

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I am so glad you are home. Congratulations.

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Don't forget to keep walking, and still rest up.  Welcome Home! Drink plenty of fluids.

Winter Marie

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We are glad you are home!   The hospital is not a place to heal or relax.   


We are sending our thoughts and prayers for your continued strength!


Best Always,  mike

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I'm glad you're feeling good enough to go home. Take care of yourself.


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I am so happy that your home and on the mend.  May the rest of your recovery be uneventful.  It must be so nice tomhave it over with.



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So glad you're home, that was a fast in and out for you.   I hope you are feeling well


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Phil, there's no place like home. Here's to a quick recovery, cheers!


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So glad that you are home.  Wishing you a very speedy recovery. 


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