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any suggestion about low cea? how to bring it down?

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My father is 77 years old. hee is in China and was diagnosed with colon cancer in March of 2011, had surgery removing about 6 - 8 inches colon in April, followed with 6 x Chemo. He was found lung mets in Oct of 2012 and had conventional chemo treatment. But he doesn't respond very well to the chemo (inclouding Erbitux). Now the single mets in lung is about 2 x 2 inches. Because the location is not good and will be difficult for surgery. The doctor in China told him that the effect of chemo will be only 20%. Now, he only uses some chinese herbs, herb supplements (Reishi Ganoderma which was purchased in USA) and exercise. His cea is consistenly climing up from 5.39 (July of 2013) to 16.4 (yesterday, Feb 12, 2014). I wonder if anyone could help me /him about the way to bring his cea down? Or something more? Thanks in advance!

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CEA is a cancer marker and is tested by blood draw.  You cannot do anything to change it because it, in some, is a good indicator whether cancer is present.  If he goes through treatment or surgery that number could drop significantly.  You should talk to his doctor about a plan of action if there is still cancer present.  Wishing your father the best.


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I am sorry to hear about your dad.  If the met is confined to his lungs, you should seek another surgical opinion to get it out.  Perhaps sbrt or cyberknife.  I had laser lung surgery in Germany when the doctors here in Canada said I was inoperable becasue of my lung mets.  If surgery isn't feasable, you can try the natural stuff but after taking it for some time, it doesn't seem to cure but can help to maintain the health of your dad and keep him around longer.  

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'Normal' CEA readings are higher as we age.  Someone under 50 might have a lab that says the mean average is 4.7.  For those over 60 it's higher and for those over 70, the normal is quite a bit higher.

That being said, Kim is correct.  CEA is a number that shows what MIGHT be going on in your father's body and indicates tumor cells, inflammation, etc.  Reducing the CEA will not reduce the disease. CEA may go down as the tumor decreases in size or dies off. 


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