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Hospice update

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jim and i
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Jim and I called Hopice in. They brought in the oxygen and took over sending the meds via Fedex. The pain meds being delivered is a blessing in itself. That was the most stressful part and I am already less stressed. We got the oxygen last evening and it was a blessing this morning when Jim had uncontolable coughing and could not breath. As soon as he put the oxygen on the coughing stopped and he was able to get a breat shortly after that. Thank you Lord. When I called our daughter, the one who is a medical assistant, she was relieved because she had wanted to suggest it but was afraid we would think it was the end. Jim does seem to be on a downwrd progression. I am hoping the hospice care will help to slow it down. If not I know it will make both of us able to enjoy our time together since it already has in this short time. I know you prayer warriors are praying for us and I thank you. Knowing you are praying is a giant boost to my attitude and faith. Like the two friends who lowered their ailing friend through the roof to Jesus, I know you are praying when I can't.

God's Blessings and care to all on this board.




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Thank you for the update.  God Bless you and Jim.  Hospice will help you be able to be wife and get a little rest and let others take care of some of the issues that take too much of your energy.  Glad that you had the oxygen available.

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debbie, so glad hospice is there to help and take some of the work off your shoulders.  now you will have more "quality" time with Jim.  so glad you had the oxygen when it was needed and jim felt better so quick.  it is a scary experience when one can't breathe so very happy you have the oxygen there if needed.  praying for Jim to do well and get out there and fish.  let us know how he's doing, an you too for that matter.  sending hugs ((( 0 ))).

God bless you,


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Debbie, I have found myself wondering about what has been happening with you and Jim, and the decision of whether or not to call in hospice. I am so happy that the two of you decided to do it, and so happy that it seems to already be such a relief to both of you! Keeping you both in my prayers that hospice continues to be a comfort to the two of you.


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You are both in our thoughts and prayers.  Thanks for keeping us updated.  God Bless


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I've been busy and haven't visited the site much lately but last time I was reading posts I remeber your debate on hospice. I am happy you went with it easing minds and just helping in general. More players on your team makes the game a little easier.

Thoughts and prayers


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I'm happy to hear things worked out so quickly with hospice.  I agree that having fewer things to worry about will be a blessing for both you and Jim.  Know my thoughts are with you both !  Katie

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