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For those in the path of Winter Storm Pax

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Don't know about any of the rest of you...but ENOUGH SNOW ALREADY!

As of 8:30 am eastern time, we had 16 inches of snow with more falling from the sky and forecast not to end until tonight.  By the way, I live in Virginia.

Had to go out and shovel at 3:30 am and 8:30 am to make sure I could get the storm door open and get out of the house in case of an emergency.  Forget trying to shovel out the car as the roads are impassable in my community.

I know those in the southern states would probably trade their ice for my snow, so I guess I should not complain too hard...lol.

I hope all, regardless of where you live and even if you don't have a named storm on your doorstep, stay warm, stay safe.


Marie who loves kitties

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No kidding...enough!!! Another snow day...i think this one is coming out of april vacation. Its been a snowy and COLD winter!

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Oh yeah, enough winter already!!!   It's snowing like crazy right now with 12"+ expected by tomorrow morning.  I'm glad that I stayed home from work today!  :)

For all of you in the path if this storm, stay inside and stay safe. I want Spring weather!!!  :)


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not so bad here in Michigan since Polar Vortex 2 or 3 passed through ... but I am thinking of you all on the east coast and southeast. The idea of shoveling snow at 3:30am and again at 8:30am in the morning ... sigh. I assume you have litter boxes for your kitties Marie.  We keep shoveling pee-poop paths and now we can no longer see our little pup when he ventures out in them as the snow is taller than he is as he trots through the paths.

Stay safe and warm. 

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I have been stuck in the house since Monday. Now I am resorting to looking at a honey boo boo marathon. You can get the past episodes free with my cable package. We have not lost electricity therefore the wine is still cold and the coffee can be brewed. For this I am thankful. We have a full fridge and freezer.  My Nook has 7 books on it, but the funny thing is that my husband and I only imbibe occasionally. A beer can have a year anniversary in my fridge, but in the past month between the last storm and this one we have gone through 2 bottles of wine in less than a month. That is bad for us. One more storm and we will have to go to rehab!

Seriously, I hope everyone is safe, warm and could make it to treatment.


Love ktz 

ps -thinking of lilacs and peonies, strawberries, rhubarb and blu crabs -springsummerspringsummerspringsummer lol

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The hubby says we have about 8 inches so far and it's still coming down. This has been one snowy and cold winter. I can't wait for spring.

Be safe out there.


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will help bring forth this ... getting rather challenging though. Undecided

Peace. ~ Cynthia

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back in desert Nevada we are having a drought; again desert smiley.

We desperatley need snow in the mountains in order for us to have some water in the summer time. 

So, why don't you send over some of your snow and I'll send you some of our dryness.

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We got about 10" in NC.  Yikes and no one with a snow plow.

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Be safe 

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So feel free to send any moisture (we're not cold enough for snow) our way.

And in the meantime, stay safe and warm!!!!

Winter Marie

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