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One year checkup

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Popping on to say hello and check on everyone.  Can't seem to find any posts from people like Danker and Coppercent.  Don't remember what Donna's sign on name is.  Will have to do a little research.  I got my one year NED marker.  Clean colonoscopy.  Smile Were there always smiley faces on here?  I guess I was too busy fighting cancer to notice.  I am still having a few problems . . .hot flashes, hip pain, heel pain, toe cramping.  I have to sit with a heating pad on my feet often to keep the cramping at bay.  My elbow issues were resolved with vitamin D.  I'm fully adjusted to my ostomy (most days) and discovered convex wafers which have improved my life greatly in the last month.  I do spend a small amount of time with the green eyed monster.  Who knew that at 44 I'd be jealous of people because they have anuses.  It makes me laugh just thinking about it.  It's a hard concept at times but most days I don't give it a second thought.  (I feel like I wrote the exact sentiment last post, that's another thing, memory works in circles.  lol)  I'm considering getting my port out although my doctor recommended leaving it in until my next scan in July.  I did the big surgery, I'm ready to be done.  I can walk at a full pace again and am ready to try to work out a little.  My perspective in life has changed immensely and I don't take anything for granted or sweat the small stuff. Woo hoo I'm alive!  

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...one to congratulate you on your first year mark. You have gone through a lot and truly deserve a break. I know because I'm just trailing a few months behind you. 

Enjoy your anniversary and wish you many many more.


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Thanks Laz.  I know you were almost finished with your chemo.  It does get a little better after time.  For the first time I did a flight of stairs and I was able to run them without stopping before the top.  It's a good sign so keep pushing forward! I'm going to talk to the doctor about the heels and the hips, I have an appt next week. Convex wafers are 1000 times better than the flat ones.  Glad I ordered some samples.  I'm going to try some other products too.

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That is awesome Helen. I am truly happy for you. Hopefully this is a sign that you are done with this disease.

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Thanks!! Me too and I wish that for everyone on here.  So many people have been through the ringer and it's time for everyone to get well. 

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Year Two Clean Checkup will be here before you know it, crossing my fingers for that.  Anuses are likely over-rated by the way. Wink

Peace. ~ Cynthia

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even if I don't know which one you are. HA!

You are too young to be going through (or have gone through, as now we can talk in past tense) the surgeries and chemo. I am doing the happy dance to hear that you got the one year all clear .

You seem to have a great outlook, that has got to be a real help. 

I'm interested in the Vitamin D and elbow issue. I have quite the ache in my right arm, especially the elbow, when I wake up in the morning. It seems OK during the day. I also have joint pain. Does Vit D help?


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Hey I'm just managing smiley faces, happy dancers are something I have to investigate.  I am the one on the left, I'm in the picture with my daughter Alyssa who is 25.  I could go with I'm the one on the right and I'm 44, wouldn't that be something!  lol  Vitamin D helps only because I had a vitamin D deficiency so it helped in my case.  I still have the hip pain so that is not part of the Vitamin D but most likely caused by chemo.  I will be going in for a full workup to see what else I can resolve.  It's hard to tell at this age what is caused by actual cancer/treatment and what is not.  Sometimes we think it's one thing and it turns out to be another so worth checking in with your general practitioner on top of your oncologist.  Resolving even one of the problems is great.  My leg cramps got solved with daily bananas.

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Keep coming on and sharing your positive news!  We all can use a bit of good news here.  We are sending our thoughts and prayers for your continued great fight!


Best Always,  mike

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That's such great news, Helen.  It hasn't been an easy road for you.  It's always to to find that new product that makes life with an ostomy so much easier.  I know nothing of this first hand but I can remember Steve's joy and relief when he got his issues sorted out by changing company's.


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   Keep on doing what you are doing and stay well..Ron.

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Your on the front page today with your giant fish=)  I said hey that's Ron. 

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Great checkup!  Always nice to hear such positive news. Thanks for checking on me. Just switched jobs so staying pretty busy and my son and family will be moving out of state at the end of year so getting in a lot of time with my grandson.  I have a PET scan in a couple of weeks. Believing it will remain stable.  Nine months out from my recurrence and doing well.  Glad you are doing well. 

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Thanks to all!

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