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trach tube

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well head to the doctor for my first vist at 2 weeks post surgery.Still have the trach in and wondering if it's ok to have a family member take me or by medical vechile.Found out it will cost over 1100 for the trip by medical.Here at the rehab they said family can take you just wanting to see if that would be the safe way.Plus wondering if there is a chance of the the doctor removing the trach or what tests he does the first vist.Getting alittle antsy about sleeping at home.

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Wow $1100.00 bucks for a ride, why does everything cost so much. Then if they are a PPO the insurance will only pay half of that but if they are not in network you have to pay full price, hard to understand. Anyway hope your visit goes well and you get to get the tube taking out.


Wishing you the best


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I was in the hospital for 3 1/2 days. While in there, I made sure I knew how to clean the trach on the 2nd day. I continued to clean it when I needed to while there in the hospital. My wife and one of her friends drove us home. We were on our own per say as far as the Trach was concerned. If we had any issues, we were to call 911. I slept in an up-right position while I had the Trach tube (Recliner pushed back slightly). Once it was removed, I could then sleep in a bed, but with the foam wedges to elevate my back, shoulders and head. Mainly to have my head above heart level.  

My Best to You and Everyone Here

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I can clean the tube but they say I have to travel with the machine that sucks the junk out.They want their money up front and guess I'll have to send it in to the insureance.Will have trach in 14 days so hope it is time for it to come and go home and begin to heal

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take me for Dr. visits....no way would I fork out $1100 for a ride.  Is there any reason that a medical ride would be better?


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why do they feel you need a medical ride?  i hope its not because u use a suction machine!  i use a suction machine and take it with me sometimes and it is no big deal.  find out why they feel a family member can't take you, i'll bet you can make the trip with them and not the medical ride.


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I have a portable suction machine. I couldn't leave the hospital without it. Thevdurable med equipment provider brought it to the hospital. It is supposed to go where ever I go. We forgot one time, butthat was when I was admitted to the hospital because of the infection someone at the hospital arranged for all the supplies 

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When my husband had a trach tube before his laryngectomy, I brought him home from the hospital without a problem.  He had a suction machine set up at home for use when needed.  When I took him to see the surgeon (30 miles away), we didn't take the suction machine and he did fine.  I think rehab just doesn't want to be held responsible.  No way would I pay that much for a medical ride and then again insurance might not pay it if they feel it isn't medically necessary.

My husband goes all the time to the stores, trips, etc. without a suction machine although he has a permanent stoma and that is how he breathes and it needs to be suction several times a day.  My son and his wife brought her son with them for a visit (4 hour drive) and the boy has a trach and he didn't even bring a suction machine with him.

There are portable suction machines that you plug into the light in your car and you can use that if needed.  If you don't suction every few minutes you will do great.


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From what the people here at rehab said I need to go this way in case something happens.I don't have a portable suction machine actually haven't had to be sucked out for 2 days now just cleaning of the tube and been lucky not cough up a whole lot.Was going to have family take me but as they told if doctor pulls the teach then won't need for a medical ride back.Is there any kind of time line for the treach or when they usally will take it out??

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Had my treah and laryngectomy at the same time. When I left the hospital I went home with a portable suction. When I got home they changet it to non-portable. Well I could take it with me but it didn't have battery backup. When I went for my two week ckeck up I took it with me so If I needed to I could pulg it in to AC and suction. I was still suctioning twice a day at that time. I have a strong cough and can clear almost anything at that time, my doctor is 215 miles away and takes four hours to get there. Takes three hrs there then fours back. That makes it a 11~ 12 hour day. I drove and my wife went with me incase I had problems and I  needed her to drive. Now I won't leave the house to go out of town or to work with out taking my First aid kit [ twessers, mirror, kelly clamps, filters, bace plates, tissue, and cleanning wipes, oh and saline bullets], if I have a problem I can clean or change it if needed. I even travel with a extra TEP and cathiter to change it or plug the hole if I have to. I had a mucus plug on the second night in the hospital and learned to clean and take care of it real fast. That was vary scarry, so I had to do it myself. Rember that if you squirt a small amount of saline in the stoma you will cough but it also breaks up the mucus plug and you can cough it out.

If you think a problem could come up that you can't handle then Take the ride. I knew I could deal with anything that could come up so I drove. By the way, my treah is forever, not a temp so my situation is different.

Best of luck, and be safe. Have a speedy recovery with on problems.


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My trache is supposed to be temporary but just found out today that scar tissue is preventing them taking it out. I have to arrange to travel hours away to go to a specialist for surgery to remove scar tissued caused by radiation. I have a suction machine and used it all day long for months. It's sat there for 2 months unused now..don't need it at all anymore.


Oh, after about 5 months we switched out the plastic trace with a metal one because it was smaller thickness. This is much more comfortable, skin is no longer raw. But today the doctor suggested we put in a larger size one so I can get more air.


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after surgey they were sucking every hour the first day then as time went by it went to every 4hrs 6 hrs ect then unless needed.I'm pretty sure rehab doesn't want to get sued.Anyway they haven't used the machine on me now for two days and even when I cough not much comes up.At the hospital they said it would 10-14 days after surgery and  would most likely come out. Think I'm just antzy about getting it out heading for home and start my next step of healing

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They pulled my trach the day I left the hospital, which was 2 weeks after my surgery. It healed up in a day or two...amazingly fast to heal. I never travelled with one but am surprised to hear they want to use a medical vehicle. Good luck...hope you come home without it!

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thanks hwt When I see the doctor it will be the 14 day from surgery which is what the nurses at hospital told me.They also said hospital stay would be 7-10 days and stayed 7 so think I'm on a good timeline The doctor said he would pull it right in his office

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I'm pretty sure rehab doesn't want to get sued

That is the bell ringer. Everything these days operates under the umbrella of liability. There is so much excess done to minimize the legal wrangling it is pathetic.

If you have been fine for a two day stretch, what is the chance some is going to go horribly wrong in a drive from one place to another?

Of course, I have zero specifics of your condition so you need to make the call. Best to you, Don


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