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Spousal scanxiety

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it's that time again; my husband is going in for scans and his second follow-up visit; he's feeling good, gaining weight and muscle tone but has a minor (nothing minor with stage 4) neck issue.

he feels a muscle pull when turning his head on both sides of his neck; So, another bone scan is scheduled.

he will have an MRI to monitor his spine, cat scans with and without contrast and a bone scan. He's relaxed; I am a basket case!

i cannot bring myself to finalize a 2-week beach vacation for June; I really think I am losing it.

i read posts here and I get strength; so many treatments with so much courage. I really feel like a wimp so I am naming and claiming my fears.

thanks to all of you and I know I will feel better.


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I feel your pain. My hubs is always cool, calm and collected about it all, and I'm the basket case. "Our" 6 month scans post radical nephrectaomy are up in April. Our 10 year anniversary is in June, and celebrations remain unplanned pending as of yet. If it makes you feel any better, I'm a wimp too. 

Posts: 482
Joined: Dec 2013

it makes me feel not alone to have a fellow wimp.... Good luck on your hubby's scans and good wishes for your upcoming anniversary.

we had our anniversary last August; he had lost 25 pounds, was going through cyber radiation after 16 days in the hospital. He insisted on taking me out to dinner but he could not eat more than a bite. All I kept thinking about was our weddin vows...."in sickness and in health". His family thought I was strong but I was a wimp in meltdown.


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