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dr visit 2 1/2years Ned

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Just came from my Dr appt. I was told that all test show NED. It has been 2 1/2 years since last chemo treatment so dr said shw would see me ::) n six m ok nths. Yeah! No more every 3months. Just need to get the hernia fixed. Working on that. I have been waiting for this day. Trish

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seem wow fully inadequate for such an occasion.  I am so happy for you as you celebrate another wonderful milestone.  

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Miss Trish, I wondered where you have been and if you are going to post this is the best news to post!  Congratulations!  Celebrate!

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Hi Trish:


  Congratulations to you for remaining with No evidence of disease at 2 1/2 years.  I hope you will forever remain NED and all the best in the future.  Keep up the good work!



a/k/a Jane

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I cannot access this site from work anymore, I do not know why, so I log in from home when I can to catch up on everyone. I ha e now got a smartphone so I can use it to get online. It just takes me awhile to type a message.  I just wanted to post my six month event to update everyone.  Thanks to everyone on the positive thoughts. trish

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What wonderful news to Celebrate.  May you continue your dace with NED for a very long time.  Check ups every 6 months sounds wonderful, too.  Continue to enjoy each day.  In peace and caring.  

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Hi Trish:

So nice hearing from you!    Congratulations on your NED!    I know about those hernias.    Once I had mine fixed I felt like a new person.   Enjoy your day!

So happy for you!


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Keep up the great work and enjoy life....



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Doing the NED happy dance for you! Tami 

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Congratulations!  So happy for you.

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