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WEEK 4 Need Help

Big Joe
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Hello everyone;  Well Monday was my 4th chemo treatment and the 1st time I actually got sick,  What a night it was sweats and throwing up,  Thank you for all your support  and may god bless you all,  Do any of you live in or around the southside of  Chicago,  Would like to start a support freindship any ideas would be helpful.  I am looking forward to meeting new freinds with summer coming maybe Bar B Que have Picnics at the Beach or just sit around and talk let me know if you are interested please Thank You and God Bless You all Joe

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Joe,  Did the doctors give you meds for nausea?  I found that I needed to take the meds as soon as I felt it coming on, if I waited, I got sick.

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Joe, check near the bottom of the SuperThread..., first post on this forum.

You'll find a link to the map I created on Google that has the location of many on here...

Here is a link to the map as well...., but you should really check out the SuperThread anyways as it has tons of excellent info...

CSN ~ Where in the World Are You...

Once open, you'll probably have to move it over to the USA and ChiTown though...


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I had to write that, as it brings back some vintage Hendrix.....    I know you've met ratface cause he told me about you.  I play chess with him daily, but its all internet.  I don't live anywhere near Chicago.  That's prolly good, because he beats me too much anyway.  The one time I was up in the Windy City, he found all kinds of excuses to be conflicted, so we have never actually met.  

I had more nausea with each chemo session as time went by.  You need to lean on the nausea drugs, as it is the pits to get nailed this way.  If there isn't a standard antinausea protocal you are already on, I'd talk to them about it PDQ.






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My hubby used the Sancuso patch after each chemo plus oral medication if he needed it yet.  Because of that, he didn't have any problem with sickness, just slight nausea.  They are pretty expensive (abt $40 per patch) and not covered by Medicare.  Some insurances cover a portion of them. 

Good luck and hope things get better for you.


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EMEND is the best thing ever for the combined larger doses of chemo..., never even a hint of being sick.

But when you say expensive, they are about $150 each, and you take one/day for the first three days of chemo...

But well worth the price over being dawg sick..


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Take the nausea meds at the whisper of getting sick, the sooner you take them the better and there are all kinds if the first ones do not work.

Give me 2 days’ notice and I will drive from Oregon for good barbeque.


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I got feeling real bad on the very first Chemo but they gave me something for the nausea each time and never had problems after that. It is hard on the body but you have to do what you have to do to get better. I passed through Chicago only once in life not sure if I will ever get back. It would be nice if one day there was a reunion of all CSN Head & Neck survivors, just so we can meet each other. Take care and will continue to keep you in prayer.


God Bless


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Chicago is warming up for that BBQ.  There is a Loyola Group sponsored night of Food tasting in the summer. Tough to get around in this weather. Hang in there. Spring is on the way, more squirrels to feed!! Pat is learning how to play chess!

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